Customers Critical of Carrier Care

Posted: 02/2000 Customers Critical of Carrier Care by Dwight Allen, Barbara Deskey and Steven M. Martin Corporate telecommunications managers should be in a great mood. Choices among carriers have multiplied, prices are down, the variety of services is up and one-stop shopping is increasingly available. Yet, at many companies, telecom managers are not so happy–relationships […]

AT&T Tops Overall Customer SatisfactionSurvey

Posted: 01/2000 AT&T Tops Overall Customer Satisfaction Survey AT&T Corp. (www.att.com) ranks highest in customer satisfaction among long distance companies in a recent survey. The Yankee Group (www.yankeegroup.com) survey found AT&T ranked No. 1 in five of eight categories for overall customer satisfaction. Sprint Corp. (www.sprint.com) rated highest in three of the eight categories. The […]

Wholesale Report Card

Posted: 05/1998 Wholesale Report Card Resellers Give Underlying Carriers a C+ By William West and Judy Reed Smith It’s no secret that Wall Street loves network providers. This article was written on the heels of wholesaler Qwest Communications International Inc.’s bid for the much larger retailer LCI International Inc.–a bid that was wholly funded by […]

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