Qualmax Carries Minute Business

Qualmax Inc. (Booth 616) is announcing a joint venture with iNode Corp., which allows it not only to design and build VoIP networks, but to provide carrier services to its customers. Qualmax supplies hardware, financing and engineering services that can be packaged for a discounted rate. iNode runs and bills the call traffic. Today we […]

Service Provider Confidence Index – Sage Gauge

Posted: 9/2004 SAGE GAUGE The Sage Research Inc. July 2004 index of service provider confidence in current conditions continued its downward slide, falling three points back into “negative” territory (below 50) for the first time since January 2004. Declines in the overall industry conditions and investor confidence subindices primarily were responsible for the overall drop. […]

Wholesale Competition Remains Fierce

The seventh edition of ATLANTIC-ACM’s U.S. Wholesale Long Distance Carrier Report Card reveals wholesale voice and data industry growth will remain modest - and competitive - for years to come. Total wholesale long-distance voice and data revenue will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.57 percent through 2008, taking the U.S. wholesale industry to […]

Service Provider Confidence Index – Sage Gauge

The Sage Research Inc. May 2004 index edged down slightly from its March all-time high of 55, but remains in “high” territory (above 50), and is up a full 17 index points from a year ago. Modest declines in the indices for capital spending, revenue, and employment were responsible for the fall. The sub-indices of […]

Round Table

…ON CINGULAR WIRELESS’ PENDING ACQUISITION OF AT&T WIRELESS… “This merger shouldn’t raise prices. Since AT&T wasn’t a low-price leader this should not have an impact on prices. But after the wave of mergers is complete, I think we’ll see a more intelligent approach to pricing which means the carriers might not be giving away the […]

ITC^DeltaCom Grows Revenue, Cites Wholesale Pressure

Posted: 12/2003 ITC^DeltaCom Grows Revenue, Cites Wholesale Pressure ITC^DeltaCom Inc.’s third-quarter revenue in its wholesale communications unit continued declining as the company increased overall sales. Overall, ITC^DeltaCom says third-quarter revenue increased 7.1 percent to $108.1 million over the period a year ago. The company says its retail operations represented 78.8 percent of total sales, with […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: Agents Rate Carrier Partner Programs

Posted: 9/2003 Agents Rate Carrier Partner Programs Unprecedented Research Reveals Channel Priorities By Dr. Judy Reed Smith Agents represent an increasingly important sales channel for telecommunications service providers. As companies tighten their belts and seek creative ways of maximizing their sales budgets, they gravitate toward solutions that can increase revenue without increasing fixed expenses or […]

It’s a Jump Ball!

Posted: 1/2003 It’s a Jump Ball! By Arunas A. Chesonis THE THRILL OF THE FAST-BREAK, the beauty of a three-point shot that hits "nothing but net," the power of a slam dunk and the discipline of a well played zone defense. Each of these basketball strategies could describe the dynamic situation of the telecommunications industry […]

Wholesale – The Wholesale Opportunity PIN

Posted: 04/2001 Wholesale The Wholesale Opportunity PIN By Judy Reed Smith and Taher Bouzayen Fierce competition, exploding demand for data and Internet services, price erosion, new suites of products, and new categories of customers are constantly redefining the wholesale long- distance marketplace. Because of this ever-changing business environment, wholesale providers face the continuous challenge of […]

Resale Channel: Wholesale Market Caught in Cyclone of Innovation

Posted: 04/2000 Resellers Rate Wholesale Carriers By Dr. Judy Reed Smith and Taher Bouzayen As Internet usage and data services push network demand to record levels, the ability to meet customers’ desire for fiber service is the major challenge facing wholesale long-distance carriers.The emergence of new network providers has increased competition. It also was expected […]

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