On the Fax Track

Posted: 06/2000 On the Fax Track Enhanced Faxing Anchor Leg in Unified Messaging Race By James R. Dukart One analyst calls them the “Rodney Dangerfields of Wall Street.”Fax services companies get little or no respect on Wall Street as financial analysts are convinced e-mail will overtake them, says Peter Davidson, president of Davidson Consulting (www.davidsonconsulting.com) […]

Bottom Line: It’s Your Choice:Buy, Build or Outsource

Posted: 05/2000 It’s Your Choice:Buy, Build or Outsource By Faye F. Henris The Telecommunications Act of 1996, combined with overall global economic conditions, has provided the impetus for unprecedented growth and increased competition in the telecommunications industry.Viable options exist for consumers in most metropolitan areas to choose a service provider and a number of service […]

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