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Posted: 12/2003 channel news Dancris Selects ITXC for Network Outsource Solution International voice carrier ITXC Corp. and facilities-based international carrier Dancris Telecom recently announced their outsourcing deal. Dancris will outsource its primary international routes to ITXC for highquality call completion over ITXCs global Voice over IP network, ITXC.net. ITXC says its VoIP network could reach […]

Bottom Line: It’s Your Choice:Buy, Build or Outsource

Posted: 05/2000 It’s Your Choice:Buy, Build or Outsource By Faye F. Henris The Telecommunications Act of 1996, combined with overall global economic conditions, has provided the impetus for unprecedented growth and increased competition in the telecommunications industry.Viable options exist for consumers in most metropolitan areas to choose a service provider and a number of service […]

Outsourcing Receivables Management

Posted: 11/1999 Outsourcing Receivables Management By Keith Shaver and Brian Briggs To survive and flourish, service providers mustfocus on aggressive receivables management that helps the organization maximize customer profitability. It’s no secret that competition has transformed the telecommunications industry, stimulating dramatic growth, innovation and the emergence of many new players–even industry categories–that did not exist […]

Outsourcing Network Operations Goes Mass Market

Posted: 01/1999 Outsourcing Network Operations Goes Mass Market By Jeff Wilson The outsourcing of data network operations–from initial design and installation to daily network operations and help-desk management–to a third party, such as a service provider, integrator or value-added reseller (VAR), is coming to a mass market near you. Competition, the long-promised byproduct of the […]

Ins & Outs of Call Center Outsourcing

Posted: 09/1998 Ins & Outs of Call Center Outsourcing By Ken Branson As the competitive seas are overrun, long distance companies are crowding on canvas and lightening ship. Anything that isn’t a "core competency" or "strategic" or can be done more efficiently by someone else may be dropped over the corporate gunwale. This includes call […]

Did Somebody Say "Outsource?"

Posted: 03/1998 By Jennifer Knapp Any company looking to step into the prepaid phone card industry should know two things: First, creating a successful prepaid platform is a monumental task with myriad steps. Second, help is available! Companies with experience in the many facets of the industry can assist with resale, wholesale and promotional programs. […]

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