PanTerra Expands Application Integration

The newly implemented integration features include support for several popular applications such as Office365, Outlook, Gmail, Google Apps, Salesforce and Dropbox.

DOh! RIM Lowers Fourth Quarter Guidance

BlackBerry users might be loyal to the point of addiction (that means you, Barack Obama), but that doesn’t mean they’re running out in droves to get the latest BlackBerry Bold or Storm or other high-end model. In fact, the contraction in consumer spending has translated to users either hanging on to their older BlackBerrys for […]

Vapps Enables Outlook Users to Plug Into HD Conferencing

Vapps Inc. has released the HiDefConferencing.com plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. With the new plug-in, two buttons link the Outlook client to the HiDefConferencing.com service and its functions: • “Schedule HiDef Conference” opens up a regular Outlook meeting invitation. From this familiar interface, users can see in-company contacts’ availability; select attendees from in-company and Outlook Contact […]

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