Verizons Irony: Cloud Downtime Reduces Outage Likelihood

Acknowledging the “strange case of irony,” Verizon on Monday said that 40 hours of downtime for the carrier’s enterprise cloud over the weekend means that almost all future maintenance and upgrades will happen without much, if any, impact on customers.

Level 3 Restores Major Weekend Internet Outage

Level 3 Communications has fixed an Internet-service outage that left users from parts of New York City to Philadelphia with either slow service or no service for almost 24 hours on Saturday.

T-Mobile Customers Inconvenienced By Outage

On Tuesday, T-Mobile customers experienced a massive outage leaving some of their voice and data capabilities impaired or halted altogether. T-Mobile issued a statement saying that their rapid response teams were working to quickly restore the service. The service disruptions, which seemed to be scattered across the nation, continued into the evening. Later in the […]

AT&T Tweets Service Outage

When a fiber cut shut down service for AT&T Inc. customers in the San Jose/Silicon Valley area of California on Thursday, AT&T did not rely on the emergency broadcast system or merely the standard customer service information hotline. No, it turned to Twitter. In fact, 2,400 people followed the outage on AT&T’s Twitter feed. First […]

Skype: Massive Restarts Cause Outage

Skype said Monday the cause of a two-day service outage was caused by an unusually high number of restarts by users who had downloaded a Microsoft Windows security patch. The Internet phone company said on its Web site that the restarts combined with the lack of peer-to-peer network resources, prompted a chain reaction that had […]

Skype Reports Outage

Internet phone provider Skype reported Thursday that many of its customers cant log in to the service. The company, which is owned by eBay Inc., said on its Web site that the service should be back up in 12 to 24 hours. The company said its engineering team has determined it is a software problem. […]


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