Equinox Licenses CDR Software to Microtech-Tel

Global software applications provider Equinox Information Systems (Booth 413) announced that Microtech-Tel, an interconnect based in Denver, has licensed ExtractCDR to transform raw automatic message account data from their MetaSwitch switching system into usable formats. ExtractCDR is a Windows-based system designed to eliminate the chance of errors created by the manual translation of usage records. […]

NuVox Launches New Sales Channel Program

Building on the momentum of its recent merger with FDN, service provider NuVox Communications Inc. (Booth 911, and COMPTEL sponsor), announced a new strategic sales channel that will provide wholesale services including UNE-L, resale and carrier offerings, as well as packages for multidwelling units and government customers. NuVox serves more than 90,000 customers across 16 […]

KGP Offers Factory-Terminated FO Drops

KGPs Solutions Group (Booth 1534) now offers factory-terminated copper/fiber composite drop cables. The composite drop cables offer up to two fibers and five copper pairs terminated with one or two SC fiberoptic connectors. The Solutions Group pre-terminated drop cables incorporate the Superior-Essex BroadGain-CF cables that combine the attributes of fiber-optic and copper technologies in a […]


The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) said today OSP EXPO will co-locate at next years GLOBALCOMM event in Chicago. GLOBALCOMM is TIAs branch-off of SUPERCOMM, of which this years show is the last. SUPERCOMM was a joint effort between the TIA and the United States Telecom Association (USTA). GLOBALCOMM is scheduled for June 5-8, 2006, at […]

No Telco is an Island

Posted: 12/2001 Wholesale Channel No Telco is an Island IP Alliance Networks Speed Worldwide Connectivity, Community By Khali Henderson Three years ago, global deregulation and the emergence of IP telephony technologies heralded a new breed of provider. This provider would be a middleman set up to provide routing and multilateral settlement among virtually unknown counterparts […]

IP Telephony Interoperability Remains Topical

Posted: 08/1999 IP Telephony Interoperability Remains Topical By Paula Bernier In general, Internet protocol (IP) telephony and, specifically, interoperability, were hot topics at SUPERCOMM ’99 in Atlanta. Of course, as with all new technologies, interoperability among different vendors’ products is always an issue, and IP telephony is no exception. Although the 3 1/2-year-old industry quickly […]

How Does a Payphone Make Money for Its Owner?

Posted: 06/1998 How Does a Payphone Make Money for Its Owner? By Bob Lane When I decided to enter the payphone business a number of years ago, I didn’t have a clue where to start. Like many other aspiring independent payphone providers (IPPs), I stumbled blindly into some of the less scrupulous payphone business offerings […]

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