Mapping Amazon Web Services

Chances are, your customers already know about Amazon Web Services do you? Our experts’ overview can help you get up to speed.

Opening New Windows of Opportunity

While over the years the culture of Windows has stayed relatively similar with each OS launch, Windows 8 may prove to be very, very different.

Two OEMs, Two OSs

Too often we assume that the advanced attendant features and queues offered by a basic PBX will suffice for an SMB running a call center.

Palm Enters Wireless Playoffs With New Mobile OS

Palm Inc. is a little like Peyton Manning at the end of this weekend’s playoff game: a little wild-eyed. A little desperate, but holding it together like an MVP should and managing to carry it to overtime. On Thursday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Palm will unveil a new Linux-based operating system […]

CTIA: Windows Mobile 6.1 Enhances Usability

The handset OS wars continue as Microsoft Corp. officially took the wraps off the latest update of Windows Mobile this week at CTIA. Version 6.1 aims to improve the user experience with better data organization and a zippier Web browser. Perhaps feeling the heat from Apple Inc., which recently made moves to go after Microsoft’s […]

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