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Posted: 3/2003 ARBINET-THEXCHANGE OPENS AXCESSRATE TO NONMEMBERS Arbinet-thexchange has opened AXCESSRATE, its spot market price and quality data service, to nonmember carriers worldwide. AXCESSRATE provides the actual average, high and low prices agreed upon between more than 250 carriers each day to 500-plus top international destinations. Taking the guesswork out of trading capacity, AXCESSRATES provides […]

Cleared for Takeoff

Posted: 2/2003 Cleared for Takeoff OSS Interconnection Service Bureaus Redux By Khali Henderson THE CONCEPT OF A THIRD-PARTY administrator for OSS interconnection has been floated almost as long as there have been competitive local service providers. In reality, the OSS interconnection clearinghouse business model has few successes primarily due to lack of attempt — it […]

Products News

Posted: 1/2003 Product News SNET Unveils Data Gateway Service SNET has released its Data Gateway service, a resource for IXCs, ISPs and other providers to recover revenue that might otherwise be lost because of an inability to identify the end user’s local service provider (LSP) for billing purposes. SNET Data Gateway provides access to the […]

ASCENT: Info Directions Releases CostGuard.NET

Info Directions Inc. (Booth 208) is rolling out its next-generation revenue management product, CostGuard.NET, at the ASCENT 2002 Fall Conference and Networking Center. CostGuard.NET is a Web application built on Microsoft’s .NET technologies that introduces a variety of new functionality building on the company’s existing flagship product CostGuard. "Workflow automation is among the primary additions […]

ASCENT: Profitec Improves Web Commerce Applications

Profitec (Booth 300) is announcing significant enhancements to the Web commerce functionality of its telecom billing system, Omnibill 7.5. The company has rolled out a new version of Omniview, the EBPP engine that links with the Omnibill database management system. Omniview now supports the incorporation of daily rated call files that are replicated from the […]

ASCENT: CustomCall Data Systems Adds Interface to BizTelOne Clearinghouse

CustomCall Data Systems (Booth 309) today announced that it is expanding its OSS offering with software that will interface to EDI platforms seamlessly from all CustomCall order-entry applications. With the EDI interfaces, CustomCall will enable UNE-P resellers to provision orders for local service through EDI platforms without leaving the CustomCall application. Results from EDI order […]

ASCENT: Profitec’s Omnibill Integrates with Biztel 1

Recognizing the challenges CLECs face in provisioning local services, Profitec (Booth 300) has partnered with Biztel 1 to incorporate its interconnect clearinghouse services into Profitec’s Omnibill telecom billing system. Biztel 1’s services, operated under the American Carrier Exchange (ACX) label offers electronic bonding links with the ILECs. With the ACX integration, Omnibill clients now can […]

ASCENT: Concretio Rolls Out ‘Proactive Provisioning Tool’

Concretio (Booth 402), an IT solutions firm that provides local provisioning for UNE-P and resale nationwide with gateways, has rolled out its latest module called TRS Watchdog. The Watchdog ties into the customer’s e-mail system and alerts users of the status of pending orders that are in the provisioning process with the incumbent LEC. "Over […]

ASCENT: DCA Adds Automated Tools, Processes to Back-office Outsourcing Service

DCA Services (Booth 508) has added new automated processes for resellers and CLECs using its outsourced back-office services. DCA’s existing services include turnkey back-office support, local and long-distance provisioning, billing administration, print and mail, accounts receivable management and collections. Its new automated tools and processes include a bulk order tool (BOT), DCA Remote Order Entry […]


Posted: 11/2002 NEWS BRIEFS * Apptix ASA gas introduced High Volume Messaging, a private-label solution for cable companies, regional ISPs and larger carriers to offer consumers and small business customers messaging services, based on Microsoft Exchange 2000. Services include e-mail (POP3), customized Web mail, personal Web pages, instant messaging and short message services among other […]

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