Covad Introduces VoIP PBXi Voice Service

Covad Communications Group Inc. today took the wraps off its Covad VoIP PBXi Voice Service, which uses existing on-premises phone equipment and requires no upfront capital expenses. Covad is distributing the services through all of its channels, including resellers, agents, dealers and direct sales teams. While a fully managed VoIP service may be ideal for […]

Arbinet Adds TDM Traffic Option to New VoIP Exchange

Minutes trader Arbinet-thexchange Inc., which launched what it calls a partitioned softswitch service last year for the termination of VoIP traffic, has now extended that service with the addition of TDM ports for customers that do not yet have the infrastructure to deliver VoIP traffic. Steve Heap, CTO of Arbinet, says the company decided to […]

WTI Takes VoIP Solution Nationwide; Offers Stock Plan

Orange County based-WTI Communica-tions Inc. (Booth 414) announces the nationwide launch of its hosted IP 3 VoIP Business Solution. As a Certified Level (3)-enabled partner, WTI is offering protected territories to new master agents who sell all of WTIs voice and data products. The company also is providing a stock option plan to the first […]

Upstream Downstream

While DSL and T1 appear to be the most prevalent backhaul methods for Wi-Fi to date, companies and organizations offering Wi-Fi can choose from a range of backhaul options - satellite, broadband wireless, IP VPNs and VDSL - that vary in price, performance and compatibility with the application. “We’ve been working with several customers that are now […]

Reshaping Your Business for Survival

Posted: 11/2002 Reshaping Your Business for Survival By Casey Freymuth WE’VE ALL SEEN THE ARTICLES ON SURVIVING an economic downturn. The first wave appeared in early 2001. Bullish experts told us not to sweat it — that the sky was not falling, and telecom and tech companies shouldn’t forego long-term growth strategies for a short-term […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: ATM Recharge

Posted: 09/2002 ATM Recharge Coming to America By Tara Seals SOMEDAY SOON, WHEN YOU’RE STANDING at an ATM machine, you could be presented with a menu that includes the typical withdrawal and deposit functions, along with the opportunity to buy stamps, get a bank statement and recharge your wireless prepaid account. ATM recharge allows consumers […]


Posted: 06/2002 Overheard… … during the April PHONE+ Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas …  “It’s so nice to be a monopoly if you can hold onto it. Now we’re just surviving, not thriving, and we need to make some changes.” –Michael McDonnell, vice president, business partner program, Qwest Communications International Inc. On Tap […]

Option Shock

Posted: 06/2002 Option Shock Service Providers Grapple with Customer-friendly IP Billing By Peter Lambert Keith Wolters Senior director, product and industry marketing, Convergys Corp. BILLING VENDORS HAVE BEEN AWFULLY CREATIVE in generating usage-based, content-based and value-based pricing tools these past few years. Now their customers find themselves challenged to prove themselves equally creative in applying […]

Trading Desk – RateXchange Launches IP Access with TeleCity

Posted: 05/2001 Trading Desk RateXchange Launches IP Access with TeleCity RateXchange Corp. (www.ratexchange.com) and TeleCity PLC Internet Exchange (www.telecity.co.uk), Europe’s leading provider of Internet infrastructure and outsourcing services, jointly announced that they have launched the RateXchange "IP Access" Internet access service. TeleCity is building and will run the physical exchange upon which the neutral RateXchange […]

Crafting a Win-Win Contract

Posted: 06/1999 Crafting a Win-Win Contract By Liz Montalbano Even the best contracts don’t always protect agents from hassles or litigation, and the worst ones can cheat them out of their money and sanity faster than a nasty divorce. Agent contracts are like spouses–sometimes you love ’em, sometimes you hate ’em, and they can ruin […]

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