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Cablecos Push Non-Coax Services

Cablecos are quick to point out that coax is not the only game in town; they offer high-capacity SLA-based Ethernet and optical services too.

Optimum Lightpath Intros Low Latency to NY Businesses

Optimum Lightpath has announced the availability of a low latency optical transport service. Developed to meet the specific low-latency, high-bandwidth demands of its smart community customers in the finance, health care, media and government sectors, the new service is available on pre-equipped and pre-conditioned routes on Optimum Lightpath’s footprint, and based on a simple, flat-rate […]

Case Study: Hospital Heals Patient Care With Optimum Lightpath FTTB

The health care sector is impacted by diminished reimbursements, increasing patient demands, and fierce competition among hospitals. Hospitals stay top of mind in the community and attract customers from competing facilities by offering new treatments and new technologies. And with new technology comes a need for more bandwidth. With more than 700,000 annual patient visits […]

Case Study: Family Service League Multiplies Capacity With Optimum Lightpath

For more than 83 years, Family Service League has been delivering community-based programs and care to individuals, children and families in need in the Long Island, N.Y., community. Each year, the organization helps more than 48,000 individuals improve the quality of their lives at home, in the workplace and in the community. Family Service League […]

Optimum Lightpath Unveils Ethernet Virtual Private Ring Service

Optimum Lightpath, a division of Cablevision Systems Corp., introduced Tuesday the first Ethernet-based Virtual Private Ring Service (VPRS) for multilocation businesses in the New York metropolitan area. VPRS is a dedicated Layer 2 access service that delivers 500mbps, 1gbps and 10gbps connectivity via fiber connecting each site. Businesses pay a flat fee per site vs. […]

Case Study: SRSsoft Provides Customer Service at Optimum Speed

For more than a decade, Montvale, N.J.-based SRSsoft has been an innovator in the ever-evolving healthcare IT industry. SRS makes sophisticated digital technology practical for high-volume, successful medical practices. In contrast to traditional EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software, SRS delivers a system based on listening to the voice of the physician. By giving the physicians […]

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