3G Wireless Holds Opportunities, Threats for WirelineOperators

Posted: 07/1999 3G Wireless Holds Opportunities, Threats for Wireline Operators By Keith Shank Third-generation wireless technology (3G) is on its way, and wireline operators need to be ready. If you’ve been thinking of 3G as simply high-speed wireless data, you’re going to be unprepared for the coming communications evolution. That’s because 3G is about more […]

Resale Channel: Europe: ISRs’ Wonderland

Posted: 05/1999 Europe: ISRs’ Wonderland By Robert Rosenberg Beleaguered on all sides by hungry new carriers, hostile regulators and unsentimental customers, the former European monopoly service providers–the PTTs–have been affected by deregulation in unexpected ways. Most have had to slash long distance prices more than three times the anticipated 15 percent to 20 percent. (Bonn, […]

Elcotel Readies for New Millennium

Posted: 04/1998 Elcotel Readies for New Millennium By Bob Titsch JR. With revenues plummeting and its stock hovering around 13 cents a share, Elcotel Inc. (NASDAQ:ECTL) was in considerable financial distress in 1991. The business was burdened with debt, struggling to keep the support of suppliers and lendors, and in default to its major creditors. […]

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