Voice Peering Fabric Opens Market for Telco Database, Gateway Services

Stealth Communications Inc., owner and operator of the Voice Peering Fabric (VPF), today announced the launch of the VPF ASP Market, an online marketplace for access to telco databases and gateway services, including 411, 8XX, CNAM, LNP and SS7. The VPF ASP Market provides a framework for VPF members to discover and use services from […]

Pingtels Rich Opens Up about Open-Source

Pingtel Corp. is an open-source VoIP software developer that just launched its VAR partner program. T@G asked President and CEO William Rich about the importance of vendor-agnostic software for VoIP, as well as the opportunities Pingtel has for VARs and other partners. T@G: Theres a lot of talk about open-source software. Explain how Pingtels VoIP […]

VoiceLog Opens First Live Agent Center

VoiceLog LLC (Booth 508) announced the opening of its first traditional live agent call center. The new center located just outside of Denver in Broomfield, Colo. is staffed with 25 agents and can be expanded easily based on client needs. The new call center is in addition to the VoiceLog network of home-based agents, which […]

TMC Communications Opens Texas Office, Announces 5 Percent Bonus

TMC Communications (Booths 101-103) today announced it will open an office in Austin, Texas to be run by Rick Coley, the company’s new director of business development for the Southeastern region. TMC also announced it will pay agents an additional 5 percent commission on standard dedicated interstate rates on the Qwest Communications International Inc. and […]

Hostopia Opens New Facilities in NAP of the Americas

Hostopia (Booth 526), a provider of outsourced private-label e-mail and Web hosting for small businesses, has expanded its network operations, to Terremark’s NAP of the Americas in Miami. "Hostopia’s rapid growth rate of small business Web sites and e-mail services requires us to constantly scale ahead of the demand curve for transit. Our network expansion […]

California Opens Door for More Phone Resale

Long distance giants AT&T Corp. and MCI are prepared to invade the California turf of the No. 1 local phone company, Verizon Communications Inc. Yesterday the California Public Utilities Commission reduced the wholesale rates Verizon can charge rivals to lease its local phone network. The decision came 10 months after the regulators slashed the wholesale […]


Posted: 08/2002 Sprint Opens Can of CIC-S By Khali Henderson Anticipating a surge in reseller-sponsored 10-10-XXX dial-around programs and regulatory pressure to route CIC-based resellers’ calls, Sprint Wholesale set out to alter its systems to do just that. Of course that was several years ago, and a lot has changed in the market, says Chris […]

Business News – Teradyne Opens Cable Farm in Midwest

Posted: 06/2000 Teradyne Opens Cable Farm in Midwest By Stacy Lane Linkmeyer From the Midwestern breadbasket of Deerborn, Ill., a modern farm–of sorts–has appeared on the landscape.Missing are rows of corn, grain or soybeans. They’ve been replaced by more than 95,000 feet of cable of varying gauges and lengths, cross-connects, pedestals, switches, network equipment and […]

Long Distance – IDT Opens Debit Center in Dublin

Posted: 06/2000 IDT Opens Debit Center in Dublin IDT Corp. ( has opened its debit operations center in Dublin to oversee the design, manufacture and printing of IDT Europe’s prepaid calling and debit cards for its growing European clientele base.The Dublin staff also will handle all back-room operations, including invoicing/billing, shipping, activation, quality control and […]

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