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Case Study: Cross Check Initiates Line Checks for CBOT With OrecX

In 2008, Cross Check Communications was commissioned to set up and maintain a system for checking and recording trading lines on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), following its merger with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (forming the CME Group). The company, a large commodity clearing firm, approached Cross Check to create a […]

Xorcom Supports G.729

Xorcom Tuesday published instructions to allow customers to use the G.729 voice codec on its line of Asterisk-based IP-PBX appliances. The document also provides information about obtaining the G.729 codec, licensing restrictions, and methods for calculating the number of required G.729 channels based on the planned usage of the PBX system. In addition, the company […]

How to Deliver Asterisk as a Service

The traditional hardware-based phone system is dead! Well, maybe that’s an overstatement, but the rise of open-source software-based PBXs is shaking things up. One of the major advantages of an open-source PBX system is you can deliver it to the client as a service. With the code provided by the open source model, you have […]

Telnic Announces Webless Web Platform

Telnic Limited has launched resources and open-source code for developers, enabling them to create new applications and services on the innovative .tel platform launching in December. .tel, a new communications hub for individuals and businesses that bypasses the need for Web sites when publishing live information to the Internet, will enable secure sharing of contact […]

Westcon Group Launches Quote Tool for Digium Resellers

Westcon Group Inc. rolled out a new configuration tool for the Digium Inc. Asterisk-based open-source solutions to resellers registered in its CollaborationPoint OpenSource program, which was launched in spring 2008. Westcon’s “configurator,” which was developed in conjunction with eXalt Solutions Inc., uses patented technology that enables resellers to specify and quote multivendor solutions with greater ease […]

Westcon Group to use AudioCodes Gateways

Westcon Group will use AudioCodes’s media gateway products for its CollaborationPoint OpenSource and ConvergencePoint programs. Westcon Group will distribute a range of AudioCodes Mediant 1000, MediaPack and TrunkPack 260/SIP Gateway products for Nortel, Avaya, Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. The company will offer OpenSource products pre-integrated with open-source software applications, including the Digium/Asterisk IP PBX. […]

Digium Launches Appliance for Switchvox SMB Edition

Digium Inc., creators of the Asterisk open-source telephony software, today announced the release of Switchvox SMB 3.5 and the AA60 Switchvox Appliance. Both will be available March 31. The introduction is in line with Digiums efforts to reach a traditional reseller channel, including the release of its first appliance, the AA50, last summer; the acquisition […]

Digium, Westcon Group Partner to Deliver Open-Source Telephony to Channel

Digium Inc.,creators of the Asterisk open-source telephony software, has teamed with value-added distributor Westcon Group Inc. to promote open-source telephony through the channel. The collaboration is the culmination of a yearlong effort by Digium to bring its open-source solutions to a traditional telephony dealer channel in addition to the more technical resellers that had traditionally sold […]

Aspect Software Practices What it Preaches with Asterisk Business Edition Implementation

Interest in open-source implementations has been steadily growing in the wider technology community and has now entered the communications arena. Companies are beginning to recognize open source as a viable telephony option for an IP PBX. The reasons for this increase interest: lower costs, extreme flexibility, highly customizable applications and even heightened security protection. Adoption […]

Beyond Geeks: How Digium Plans to Grow Asterisk*

Beyond Geeks: How Digium Plans to Grow Asterisk* If you think Asterisk is for geeks, you have another think coming. So, say executives at Digium Inc. The open-source IP PBX software company is retooling its offer to cross the chasm from early adopters to mainstream small and midsize business users.

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