Opcenter: Fraud Busting the ASP Way

Posted: 11/2000 Fraud Busting the ASP Way By James R. Dukart Fraud management is rarely, if ever, the top priority of a new or emerging carrier. While industry analysts estimate fraud costs U.S. carriers somewhere between $6 billion and $18 billion per year, new carriers are more likely to concentrate on network buildouts or customer […]

Opcenter: Diagnosis: Advanced Billing Disease

Posted: 10/2000 Diagnosis: Advanced Billing Disease By Chris Garifo The good news is your company has runaway subscriber growth, and it’s days away from rolling out a suite of advanced services. The bad news is its billing system is on the verge of reaching its maximum capacity and lacks functionality to accommodate the atypical billing […]

Opcenter: Web Rings Up Changes in Call Centers

Posted: 09/2000 Web Rings Up Changes in Call Centers By Chris Garifo Call centers are caught by the ripple effect of the web’s impact on telecommunications billing and sales. As more telecom service providers seek the efficiencies gained from self-servicing advancements, such as electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) and online order provisioning, the requirements […]

Opcenter: Competitors Seek Building Access

Posted: 08/2000 Competitors Seek Building Access By Kim Sunderland Competitors have unleashed a revised effort to quell problems they encounter in gaining access into commercial and multitenant buildings by asking federal regulators to adopt laws that would require building owners to open up their properties to them.The FCC (www.fcc.gov) and Congress are expected to act […]

Opcenter: Collocators Do Carriers’ Cyberlifting

Posted: 08/2000 Collocators Do Carriers’ Cyberlifting By Ken Branson If, as the conventional industry wisdom holds, you can’t have too much bandwidth, then a corollary is this: You can’t have too much collocation space.Collocation used to be a simple matter of putting a competitive carrier’s equipment in a cage in an incumbent carrier’s CO. The […]

Opcenter: Multitenant Units Get Wired for Future

Posted: 08/2000 Multitenant Units Get Wired for Future By Aldo Morri The wait for the “better, cheaper, faster” promise of broadband may soon be over, at least for those who live or work in multitenant buildings. Multitenant units (MTUs)–apartment buildings, office buildings and hotels–are quickly becoming wired for broadband access, as maverick CLECs develop footprints […]

Opcenter: Convergent Billing the ASP Way

Posted: 07/2000 Convergent Billing the ASP Way By Khali Henderson Small and startup telecom service providers have long availed themselves of the cost and time-to-market advantages of outsourcing their billing services to a third-party service bureau as an alternative to developing an in-house billing system. Now, there may be a middle ground.Changes in computing technology […]

Opcenter: Are You Ready for Virtual Distribution?

Posted: 06/2000 Are You Ready for Virtual Distribution? By James Olsen It’s no secret the rush to jump on the IP bandwagon fuels the unprecedented rate of change in today’s communications industry. Less obvious is the impact IP technology has in making distribution as virtual as the networks and services delivered. Subscribers want instant access […]

Opcenter: Wholesale Billing Turns on a Dime

Posted: 05/2000 Wholesale Billing Turns on a Dime By Peter Lambert Patent leather may do the trick on the dance floor, but it won’t cut it for the sprints, sudden stops, leaps and pivots required on the basketball court.So it is for carriers’ carriers of data and telephony who find themselves fashioning staid retail billing […]

Opcenter: Value-based IP Billing Prompts Standards Debate

Posted: 04/2000 Value-based IP Billing Prompts Standards Debate By Peter Lambert Converged telecommunications services billing stands on the verge of radical changes this year. Service providers face the tantalizing prospect of measuring and charging for every bit, byte and onscreen click that occurs within the Internet-based services they offer.Yet the question of which methods to […]

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