Carrier Channel: Gigabit Ethernet Race Picks Up Speed

Posted: 6/2003 Gigabit Ethernet Race Picks Up Speed By Khali Henderson Gigabit Ethernet is at a crossroads. At once it is finding a market among large enterprises, but lacking in sellers. Most of the entrepreneurial champions of high-speed Ethernet technology in the metro — the so-called EtherLECs — were stopped in their tracks by telecom’s […]

Optical Delusions:

Posted: 2/2003 Optical Delusions: Wavelengths Slow to Reach Potential By Khali Henderson YOU KNOW THOSE FIREWORKS that shoot way up in the sky, explode with a bang and then literally fizzle out? They are a little like wavelength services. They had a bright future when they burst on the scene four years ago — analysts […]

Carrier Channel: End of the Line?

Posted: 09/2002 End of the Line? Upstart Metro Wholesalers Struggle to Hang On, Investors Cut Losses By Josh Long SIGMA NETWORKS DID NOT FAIL because its management was incompetent, nor was the company’s wholesale strategy irrational, say former employees and analysts. Why then would a telecommunications upstart managed by a team of seasoned executives, including […]

OnFiber Acquires Telseon

OnFiber Communications Inc., a metropolitan wholesale carrier, has acquired its rival Telseon Inc. for pennies on the dollar, marking the company’s second bargain acquisition over the last three months. OnFiber, a privately held company based in Austin, Texas, acquired most of Telseon’s assets – valued at $85 million – for between five cents and 20 […]

Trading Desk: Briefs

Posted: 1/2002 Trading Desk News Briefs * In the first of a series of telecom impact studies, “Bandwidth Exchanges: From Bulletin Boards to Tradable Commodity Amid the Telecom Turmoil,” Lemay-Yates Associates Inc. notes a dramatic expansion of market activity in bandwidth trading in the last two years, with at least 1,000 bandwidth trades per quarter. […]

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