Its the People, Stupid

ITS THE PEOPLE, STUPID. Live by that slogan, and you can get elected to office, run a corner grocery, throw a great dinner party and even grow a $500 million telecom company with a little help from your friends. Its how we grew PAETEC. Its the people: employees, customers, suppliers and everyone else in the […]

SwiftReach Networks Debuts Agent Program, Details Commissions

SwiftReach Networks Inc. (Booth 505) announced the launch of its agent program. SwiftReach has been in business for more than 10 years, providing high-speed community notification services and enhanced toll-free routing, such as custom store locators and IVRs. SwiftReachs agent program is being officially launched on March 4, to coincide with the opening of the […]

Voyence Releases Virtual Design Workspace

Voyence on Monday announced the availability of its Virtual Design Workspace feature. The tool automates design configuration and compliance testing in software for network devices, the company said at TeleManagement World in Nice, France. The Virtual Design Workspace enables role-based security, verified change automation, and multilevel workflows for secure collaboration in a virtual design environment. […]

Google, EarthLink Bid on SF Wi-Fi

Google Inc. and EarthLink have submitted a joint proposal to provide city-wide Wi-Fi in San Francisco. Their bid includes free access with 300kbps downstream and online advertising, along with a 1mbps ad-free premium service offered for $20 per month. The implementation will be a public-private partnership, and San Francisco will capitalize on the online advertising […]

Next Stop 2006

I want to thank everybody for welcoming me to the telecom industry. The last couple of months have been extremely challenging, but also surprisingly fun. Many of you have expressed your support and have been exceptionally helpful to me in my new post. I must admit Ive been somewhat amused at the number of comments […]

Mobile Phone Users Seek Family, Friends through New Web Site

A provider of wireless content today launched to help provide mobile phone subscribers with information on loved ones affected by Hurricane Katrina. The site, created by Seattle-based GetLisa Information Services Inc., offers online information to people who do not have Internet access. It works by letting people post information about missing friends and family. […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: retail news

Posted: 3/2004 retail news Napster Offers Prepaid Tunes Napster’s prepaid card In November, Napster LLC, a division of Roxio Inc., released millions of prepaid cards for the digital music service in nearly 14,000 retail outlets. The Napster Card offers 15 downloads for $14.85, and is sold at national and regional retailers including Best Buy, CompUSA, […]

One More Time With Feeling

Posted: 7/2003 One More Time With Feeling In case you havent heard it by now, youll read in our review of the ASCENT 2003 Spring Conference & Networking Center on page 60, that ASCENT and CompTel are talking merger. Again. The groups have discussed a combination at least twice before. While its hard to hold […]

The Letter – Coming Home

Posted: 10/2001 The Letter Coming Home As we send this issue of PHONE+ to print, we have watched our nation experience the worst terrorist attack of all time. The cost – in lives and dollars – has not yet been tallied, but one thing is for sure: It is too much.It so happens that I, […]

Intellectual Capital

Posted: 09/2000 Intellectual Capital Evslin Owes Success to ‘Smart Lucky’ By Ken Branson Vital Stats Name: Tom Evslin Title: Chairman, Founder and CEO Company: ITXC Corp. Air Miles Logged: 200K+ annually Pleasures: Travel, Reading, Scuba Philosophy: The reasonable man sees the world the way it is and adapts himself to it. The unreasonable man insists […]

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