It’s All in the Cards

Posted: 10/1997 It’s All in the Cards by Charlene O’Hanlon The prepaid calling card business is characterized by agents as a risky game, yielding high commissions or considerable losses depending on one’s tenacity and luck. Agents have been hustled by hit-and-run artists who print cards with bogus numbers. They’ve been hustled by carriers whose platforms […]

Case Study

Posted: 10/1997 Case Study How to Keep Your Customers from Asking for a Lower Price At a trade show a few months ago I heard a line that captured my entire philosophy about selling long distance: "Price is an issue only in the absence of value." These 10 words neatly summarized what we at the […]

Catching the Eye of the Beholder

Posted: 10/1997 Catching the Eye of the Beholder Telephone Booths and Enclosures By Debera Bell-Beam Superman made them famous. In fact, he made them almost clichi. Today, nearly every action movie carries on the tradition of the mad dash to make a critical call, whether it be into Superman’s walk-in or a super cyber booth […]


Posted: 09/1997 PCS It’s Personal By Debera Bell-Beam The next generation of mobile phone service is personal. The idea is communications regardless of location–people roaming freely with personal numbers assigned to them rather than phones and "find me" call completion that tracks down anyone, anywhere (just about, any way). Well, maybe not. It all depends […]

The Death of a Salesman

Posted: 09/1997 The Death of a Salesman Resellers Face a Critical Juncture By Bob Titsch, Jr. For years pundits have predicted their demise, and resellers continually made fools of them, but it’s resellers themselves who are doing the talking lately. Some industry insiders say the competitive market brings with it the death of a salesman-specifically […]

Taking It to the Net

Posted: 09/1997 Taking It to the Net By Gary Kim Until recently, long distance companies might have paid little attention to Internet protocol (IP) and the impact it has on worldwide long distance networks and revenues. All that changed with the Internet. But two other related developments Intranets and Extranets are poised to have an […]

SprintExpands Local Services

Posted: 09/1997 Business News FRONTLINE INFORMATION Click on heading to read news text… Sprint Expands Local Services Phoenix Network-US ONE Merger Called Off Summa Four, Dialogic Develop Switching Platform Tempus Incorporates IVR Software Centigram Licenses TruVoice Qwest Signs Facility Agreement SNET Picks Lucent Genesis, RFC Reach Financing Agreement Ernst & Young Select Sprint, Global One […]

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