One Laptop Per Child


Nonprofit Pursues Thin, Cheap Tablet Computer

Nonprofit One Laptop Per Child has a lofty goal and it’s looking for partners to join in on its ambition. The group hopes to make a touchscreen tablet and offer it for less than $100. That’s right, under $100. The device would be an upgrade to its XO computer – in fact, the nonprofit plans […]

Nortels Fall Hurts Worlds Poorest Kids

Nortel’s bankruptcy means fewer poverty-stricken kids around the world will get computers that could make their lives better. The telecommunications giant had to pull its sponsorship of a program called One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), which supplied inexpensive laptops to kids in Third World nations. Those computers had enough juice to connect to the Internet and give […]

Intel Drops Out of One Laptop Program

Intel Corp. said it has left the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program, which aims to provide low-cost computers to children in underdeveloped countries. The chip maker said ongoing disagreements with the organization forced the move, which comes just days before a OLPC computer using an Intel chip was set to be unveiled at the […]

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