WestCom Promotes Local Loop

WestCom Corp. (Booth 533), provider of dedicated private lines primarily to Wall Street and customers of agents and resellers, announces a local loop promotional offering. "Reducing local loop charges is paramount among carriers and resellers to help sell services," says Jon Jorgl, general manager for New York-based WestCom. "The success of your business depends on […]


Posted: 12/2003 NEWS BRIEFS New Edge Networks Inc. has signed a DSL resale agreement with MCI Wholesale Services, a move that will give New Edge network access to 75 new central offices. The MCI deal gives New Edge in-fill coverage in areas where it already offers service. For example, New Edge gains access to seven […]


Posted: 1/2003 Premium Blend Resellers Positioned to Fill Distributed Enterprise Broadband Needs By Khali Henderson LARGER BUSINESSES SUPPORTING growing remote offices and mobile and at-home workers are showing increased demand for broadband services, such as DSL. Lack of ubiquitous facilities-based providers, however, puts resellers that can aggregate multiple broadband networks in good stead to fulfill […]

Bell Central Offices Too Dispersed to Justify Network Investment, Say CLECs

Rivals of the Baby Bells said Wednesday homes and small businesses as well as incumbent central offices linking telephone lines to them are so dispersed that they hinder local phone competitors from achieving enough scale to justify an investment in their own network facilities. Several trade associations and telephone companies supported the argument, which was […]

ASCENT: Eagle Adds New Offices

Eagle Teleconferencing Inc. (Booth 521) has expanded its global presence with new offices in Latin America and Southeast Asia, to accommodate increased demand for Eagle’s audio, Web and video conferencing products, says the company. Eagle’s clients can conduct live, interactive presentations online for event productions and online sales collaboration, as well as meetings, classes and […]


Posted: 03/2002 ADDS/MOVES/CHANGES * Global Prepaid Alliance Inc. (GPA) announced the appointment of Gary Kirtman as regional vice president of sales based in Miami and Ken Reese as regional vice president based in Los Angeles. Kirtman has several years experience in the prepaid industry, including senior sales positions with STC and Blue Planet Networks. He […]

Regulatory News – Appeals Court Frees IXCs from Tariffs

Posted:  07/2000 Appeals Court Frees IXCs from Tariffs By Kim Sunderland All is not lost for the IXCs that lost a three-year battle with the FCC ( in federal appeals court over the requirement that they file federal tariffs outlining their rates or service changes. Earlier this year, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the […]

IP Centrex Breaks Out of CO Box

Posted: 07/1999 IP Centrex Breaks Out of CO Box By Charlotte Wolter An IP Centrex system can be located almost anywhere in a network, and it can serve any number of remoteoffices seamlessly. One of the most distinct characteristics of the Internet is that it breaks down barriers of distance in networks–makes them irrelevant, in […]

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