Dont Walk Away From This Question

By Dan Baldwin, director of sales ATEL Communications Inc. Having a great prospect list and the lowest prices don’t help much if all your best prospects are in the middle of a long-term contract for their voice and data services. So what do you do to get your foot in the door and stay visible […]

Round Table

On the FCCs recent order requiring VoIP services and devices to include access for subscribers with disabilities This accessibility is critical in order to promote the independence of persons with disabilities, participation in our society, and critical access in emergency situations.Jonathan Adelstein, Democratic FCC commissioner We continue to evaluate the remaining obligations including: numbering (access […]

Technology Law Group Partners to Address Contract Mistakes, Solutions

Telecom margins already are too thin for agents to risk making mistakes in their agreements with carriers. To that end, partners at Technology Law Group LLC, a Washington, D.C.-based firm specializing in legal and consulting services for the telecom industry, will help agents identify the five most common contract mistakes and show them how to […]

Slippery Slope

IN CASE YOU HAVENT NOTICED , the telecom industry is sliding down a slippery slope. At the bottom of the slide is a world without common carrier obligations. Its alarmist to think we would ever land there, but recent actions since my last rant on the topic (see March PHONE+) have pushed us ever closer. […]

News Report: FCC to Propose 911 Obligations for Internet Providers

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin on Tuesday said he would propose requiring Internet-based phone providers to deliver emergency 911 services, Reuters reported. After discussing the issue during a House subcommittee hearing, Martin told reporters he planned to offer a proposal to the other FCC commissioners so they could vote on the item in May, the news […]

BellSouth Prevails in Conflict over Internet Obligations

In a victory for BellSouth Corp., the FCC has ruled that state regulators cannot require incumbent phone companies to provide high-speed Internet access to a customer over the same network that a rival uses to provide voice services. In an order released Friday, the FCC said the state rulings are inconsistent with federal rules and […]

Linking to the Law

The Federal Communications Commission recently released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Declaratory Ruling laying out the agency’s proposed approach to implementing a legal framework for the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), particularly as it applies to packet-mode technologies such as VoIP. The Aug. 9, 2004, proposal, if adopted, is expected to impact […]

Ask The Expert

Dear Expert Eye, What are master agents’ responsibilities to subagents and vice versa? From Anonymous Dear Anonymous, In most cases, the responsibilities owed between a master agent and a subagent will depend upon the relationship and agreement that exist between the parties. In my experience, most master agent-subagent relationships are not that of an actual […]

What Will the RBOCs Do Next?

Posted: 2/2003 special report: viewpoint What Will the RBOCs Do Next? By Andrew O. Isar and Lisa Korner Butler AFTER INITIATING PERHAPS one of the most bloody and costly regulatory battles ever fought to retain market dominance, what’s left for the RBOCs to do? As the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) review of incumbent unbundled network […]

Regulatory News – Telecom Law 2001

Posted: 01/2001 Telecom Law 2001 Policymakers Stand on the Threshold of New Rules Rising By Kim Sunderland From a telecommunications policy standpoint, 2001 is expected to be tougher than last year for competitive carriers. Regulators, lawmakers, politicians, judges and pundits will be watching issues that stand to change local competition. Regardless of the policies that emerge, […]

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