Big Wheels Keep on Turning

Posted: 05/2005 Big Wheels Keep on Turning My brother-in-law asked me if there was anything new going on in the telecom market these days. I was attending his son’s third birthday party, so I realized he was just making conversation, but I couldn’t resist the retort: “Nothing unless you count the fact that SBC is […]

The Urge to Merge

Posted: 07/1998 The Urge to Merge By Jennifer Haney In the first five months of 1998, $614 billion worth of transactions have been announced by corporate America. Compare this figure to the record-setting $908 billion for all of 1997. Of that $614 billion,approximately $90 billion is claimed by the following telecommunications megamergers representing only a […]

"The Check is in the Mail"

Posted: 05/1998 "The Check is in the Mail" Local Competition in New York By Andrew O. Isar Promises and reality are often miles apart. Despite the best of intentions (or lack thereof), promises have a nasty habit of not being met. When a promise is made by someone with a dubious record of keeping promises, […]


Posted: 04/1998 GUEST EDITORIAL By Robert M. McDowell, ESQ. It was a drizzly February morning when I arrived at work to be greeted by a Washington-style rumor more chilling than the mid-winter weather. Phone calls were abuzz with whispers laden with sincere anxiety: Bell Atlantic Corp./NYNEX was in "secret" negotiations with the Federal Communications Commission […]

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