Diving for Dollars

Posted: 10/1998 Diving for Dollars Agents and their underlying carriers are increasingly diving into equity programs, bonuses and creative buy-backs. Will the golden parachutes open? Participants and observers share their views. By Bob Titsch Jr. and Peter Meade Agent equity programs have arrived. Their growth potential is astounding and the programs themselves may become equally […]

The Agent-LEC Relationship

Posted: 05/1998 The Agent-LEC Relationship Dream Date or Ongoing Nightmare? By Kieren J. McCobb While trading war stories at the AgENt Trade Fair in Houston at the end of February, I somehow got involved in a conversation with another agent regarding local exchange carriers (LECs). After dramatically closing his eyes and nodding his head from […]

Local Number Portability

Posted: 01/1998 By Patt Rice Who said you can’t take it with you? You can now. Well, at least your telephone number. For the last several months–in the face of emerging local competition–the telecommunications industry has been devising an automated means of allowing local subscribers to change carriers while keeping their telephone number. This service […]

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