Monetizing Hosted Solutions

The demand is clear: Revenue for hosted communications and services is growing at 22-35 percent per year based upon varying sources.

Deconstructing Curry and Broadband Statistics

Our position on the list of G7 members could be improved but given the nature of tax subsidies, competition and other government policies that influence price, I am comfortable with where we stand for the most part. The exception to this is the level of penetration for broadband usage in the U.S. versus the G7.

Universal Service Will be Addressed this Year, Says FCC’s Copps

Speaking at the NTCA show yesterday, FCC Commissioner Michael Copps said 2006 will be “the year of action” on a contribution methodology. Copps is a member of the Universal Service Joint Board, which he said will make recommendations on rates this year. Noting that he knows access charges are vital to many rural telcos, Copps […]

Copps: FCC Needs to Better Address its Homeland Security Role

The FCC, which by federal law is responsible for public safety as it relates to communications, is falling short of meeting its responsibilities, said FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, during a rousing speech at the NTCA show yesterday. But the agency is working to correct that, he said. “We meaning us and the government dont have […]

Copps Says U.S. Needs Broadband Strategy

Making broadband available to the masses is as important as universal access for phone service, yet the United States is “in the ditch” in terms of its worldwide ranking for broadband access, FCC Commissioner Michael Copps said yesterday during a keynote speech at the NTCA show in San Diego. “It’s time to think of broadband […]

Communications Act of 2006?

WHILE THERE IS CONSIDERABLE momentum behind a telecom policy rewrite, it is debatable whether it will be decided this year. 2006, say doubters, will find elections on the tops of politicians priority lists. Others remain optimistic elections will pose no deterrent to new legislation. Executives for USTelecom and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) predict a […]

SOAP BOX: Rural Rollout of Advanced Services Requires Realistic Grasp of Digital Divide

Posted: 06/2002 Rural Rollout of Advanced Services Requires Realistic Grasp of Digital Divide By Michael E. Brunner THE DIGITAL DIVIDE has become a common political theme. The term defines the disparity of access to advanced telecommunications and information capabilities, such as broadband, by certain income groups, particular demographics or selected geographic areas.Policymakers have fixated on […]

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