Business News – AT&T Buys NorthPoint

Posted: 05/2001 AT&T Buys NorthPoint By Josh Long In a $135-million agreement, the United States Bankruptcy Court has given AT&T Corp. ( the go-ahead to purchase most of the assets belonging to NorthPoint Communications Group (–the embattled DSL wholesaler who lost out on a golden future when Verizon Communications Inc. ( nixed a merger agreement […]

Business News – DSL Wholesalers Reinventing Themselves

Posted: 04/2001 DSL Wholesalers Reinventing Themselves By Becky Bracken Faced with unfavorable market conditions, fierce competition from incumbents and an ever-shrinking pool of ISP distribution channels, DSL wholesalers are going through an inevitable period of reinvention. But in an industry where demand is high and continues to grow, smart data LECs (DLECs) that can seize […]

Wholesale – NorthPoint Files for Bankruptcy Protection, Seeks a Buyer

Posted: 03/2001 Wholesale NorthPoint Files for Bankruptcy Protection, Seeks a Buyer By Josh Long Despite action to lower expenses, DSL provider NorthPoint Communications Inc.( filed for Chapter 11 protection with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in January. In the six-week aftermath of a failed merger agreement with Verizon Communications Inc. (, the San Francisco-based provider announced […]

Wholesale: Verizon Axes NorthPoint Merger

Posted: 01/2001 Verizon Axes NorthPoint Merger By Josh Long Verizon Communications hoped to conceive a broadband giant after announcing plans last summer to merge its DSL assets with NorthPoint Communications, Inc., in 2001. The deal could have propelled NorthPoint ( into profitability as the new broadband company was expected to begin operations with 600,000 DSL […]

Wholesale: Survey: DSL Wholesalers Get Mixed Reviews

Posted: 11/2000 Survey: DSL Wholesalers Get Mixed Reviews By Judy Reed Smith and Nick Regas DSL. It was a brilliant idea: Widen the bandwidth spectrum over the same copper wire that telephones already use enabling data and voice data to travel simultaneously at high speeds. It could not have happened at a better time. Demand […]

Wholesale: DSL Provider Stays Course

Posted: 10/2000 DSL Provider Stays Course By Khali Henderson and Ken Branson Following the merger of its wholesale DSL business with that of megacarrier Verizon Communications (, NorthPoint Communications Group Inc. ( expects to bolster its carrier’s carrier strategy by doubling the coverage and resources for improved support services. The companies expect the deal to […]

Business News – BellSouth to Share With NorthPoint

Posted: 08/2000 BellSouth to Share With NorthPoint BellSouth Corp. (, an Atlanta-based RBOC, has agreed to share its telephone lines with NorthPoint Communications Group Inc. (, a competing broadband services provider based in San Francisco. The lines in BellSouth’s nine-state region–Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee–could be used for […]

Business News – NorthPoint Launches Broadband Service

Posted: 08/2000 NorthPoint Launches Broadband Service Wholesale data CLEC NorthPoint Communications Group Inc.( has rolled out its national Internet backbone, which connects its local DSL-based broadband networks across the country. The backbone enables the carrier’s carrier to offer its partners an end-to-end broadband solution.The first commercial offering on the network is “Regional Connect,” which allows […]

Business News – NorthPoint To Provide IXC with Symmetric DSL Services

Posted: 08/1999 NorthPoint To Provide IXC with Symmetric DSL Services IXC Communications Inc., Austin, Texas, has selected San Francisco-based NorthPoint Communications Inc. as its preferred national symmetric digital subscriber line (SDSL) partner. The agreement enables IXC to add dedicated, SDSL-based high-speed local access to its services portfolio. The service is slated to be available to […]

Data CLECs Court Resellers

Posted: 08/1999 Data CLECs Court Resellers By Peter Lambert Leading D-CLECs see themselves entirely as wholesalers, and they are rolling out the welcome mat for all manner of channel partners. In 1999, "broadband" is a term that has begun to fall from the lips of even average consumers, thanks to a flurry of $100 billion […]

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