Nortel Networks bankruptcy


Nortel Patents Could Generate $1.1B

Bankrupt Nortel Networks could generate as much as $1.1 billion by selling its technology patents, especially if any deal includes the LTE intellectual property.

Nortel Sign Removed From Ottawa Complex

The giant Nortel Networks complex in Ottawa, the one that once bustled with 15,000 workers, has gone quiet. Last week, the Nortel sign was removed, an undertaking that underscores how the once-venerable Canadian tech company has withered into little more than a shell. The Nortel campus has been renamed as Carling Place and the new […]

Nortel Sells Stake in India-Based R&D Outsourcer

Bankrupt Nortel Networks has sold about 10 percent of its stake in telecom R&D outsourcer Sasken Communications Technologies. The telecom equipment maker sold 600,000 shares of Sasken, worth about $2.5 million. Canada-based Nortel has spent most of the last year selling its assets to pay off creditor. This latest deal – completed in January – […]

Nortel: Dead or Alive, Will Anyone Want to Be There?

Bankrupt Nortel Networks has received court permission to push its restructuring deadline to April 23. The extension comes amid renewed speculation over how Nortel will look, once it closes the insolvency proceedings. And of course, the real question is whether the once-venerated company will emerge as anything other than a tarnished name. Franz Dzubeck, head […]

Who Tried to Save Nortel Networks?

For some former Nortel Networks workers, saving their employer was a mission. A mission unaccomplished, it seems unnecessary to say. The effort was valiant, though. As described by the Canwest News Service, which is making a splash with its new eight-part series on Nortel’s legendary failure, five ex-Nortel execs tried to haul their company out […]

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