iPhone Users Can’t ‘Imagine Owning a Different Type’

About three-fifths of iPhone users admitted to a “blind loyalty” to Apple and said they would always switch to the latest iPhone. BlackBerry and Nokia are suffering the most from the world’s obsession with iPhones.

Are BlackBerry Users Slow-Witted?

A questionnaire uses a very unscientific method to determine that iPhone users are the most quick-witted, while BlackBerry users should go back to school.

Android Phone Means Nokia Is ‘Sleeping With the Enemy’

Nokia might be ready to break its Windows Phone exclusivity by rolling out an Android-based handset. That could make for some awkward moments considering Microsoft is close to closing on its acquisition of the Finland-based manufacturer.

Verizon’s Nokia Lumia 929 Release Date Looms

The Lumia 929 is expected to sport a five-inch, 1080p display; 32GB of internal storage; 2GB of RAM; a quad-core processor; and a large battery. Nokia markets its smartphones to both the general consumer and the business user.

Next Nokia Tablet, the Lumia 2020, Poised for Spring Release

The Lumia 2020 is expected to be a high-end tablet, likely to be showcased at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in January or Mobile World Congress in February. The company will market it toward both the general consumer and the business user.

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