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BLACKBERRY JUNGLE Be the big man on campus with wireless solutions for students and schools. CN3 CONVERGENCE DEVICE DEBUTS Intermec puts a new spin on converged devices with a four-radio CN3. CAN PARTNERS BENEFIT FROM MANAGED MOBILITY SERVICES? Is helping customers control wireless devices, plans and spend a new niche for partners? SHOWCASE: MOBILITY MANAGEMENT […]

EarthLink Closes New Edge Acquisition

EarthLink Inc. said yesterday it has completed the acquisition of New Edge Networks for 2.6 million shares of EarthLink common stock and $114.3 million in cash. The ISP bought New Edge Networks in an effort to better target SMBs, which are the VPN providers niche market. EarthLink had to meet several regulatory approvals, including granting […]

OPEX Debuts Wireless, VoIP

Show sponsor OPEX Communications (Booths 507-509) says it has announced OPEX Wireless for consumers and OPEX Internet Voice, a suite of VoIP services for residential, SOHO and SMBs. Both new services are available to agents. OPEX Wireless, an MVNO using the Cingular Wireless network, offers a per-minute plan and three bundles with an option for […]

Special Delivery: Four Letters Inspire Niche Providers

VoIP - and increased interest by carriers in providing it - has prompted the development of specialty wholesale network services and even companies that cater to the needs of nextgen communications companies. Take Mzima Networks Inc. The company, founded in February 2002, offers direct terminations to more than 300 domestic and in-country international partners over an all- […]

Acceris Storms Telecom Market

In the words of Acceris Communications (Booth 401) President Kelly D. Murumets, the recently re-branded organization is "working hard to create a magical culture." This is because Acceris wasn’t Acceris before last November. Acceris began as I-Link Corp. in early 2001. Later that year, I-Link took over WorldxChange Corp. Soon it was buying RSL COM […]

Telcos Putting Moves on Vertical, Niche Markets

Posted: 02/2000 Telcos Putting Moves on Vertical, Niche Markets By Liz Montalbano hough it may seem telecommunications providers are striving to be all things to all people, telcos still are putting the moves on vertical and niche markets and targeting specific customer segments with solutions customized to their needs. A 1998 Insight Research Corp. ( […]

Recapturing Lost Value

Posted: 08/1999 Recapturing Lost Value By Casey Freymuth Industry forecasts rarely provide third-, fourth- and fifth-tier long distance service providers with much to smile about. Shrinking margins, bundling woes (such as anemic local and wireless resale markets) and the inevitable entry of the Bells into the long distance market have done little to lift the […]

Niche Players Among First to Face Competition

Posted: 02/1998 By Casey Freymuth For decades critics have said that the United States doesn’t know what war means because it has never been invaded by armed forces of a foreign nation; that, with the exception of its own, brief civil war, blood has never been shed on American soil; and that, even though the […]

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