A Peerless Strategy: Understanding How to Benefit From Peering

With the rise of multilateral VoIP peering among service providers, peering recently has become a hot term. Yet the actual practice of peering has been going on for years on a number of fronts, and its applications continue to expand. Todays COMPTEL PLUS Info Peering Track, sponsored by telx, will explore peering on various levels. […]

Enabling End-to-End VoIP

The driving force behind VoIP peering will be enterprises. telxs Hunter Newby Despite some technical hurdles still to overcome, the ability of VoIP to drive cost savings and additional functionality for enterprise voice calls is pushing the development of VoIP peering. The goal is to enable VoIP carriers as well as enterprises that have turned […]

Souping Up the SuperNode

At its late April Customer Business Xchange (cbx) meeting in New York, telx Group Inc. announced improvements to its 60 Hudson St. SuperNode and its intentions to acquire more floor space by buying 56 Marietta in Atlanta. Hunter Newby, chief strategy officer for the neutral interconnection company, told attendees of the buy-sell meeting that telx […]

Trading Desk: Offers Change Hubs into Trading Centers

Posted: 01/2001 Offers Change Hubs into Trading Centers By Khali Henderson Neutral collocation facility operators are moving beyond real estate and access management to provide services that will facilitate city-to-city and metro capacity trading. Telx (, which has operated a neutral collocation facility at 60 Hudson St. in New York for the past three years, […]

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