New Orleans


Cloud Partners Extends Call for Speakers Deadline

Pitches from suppliers that include channel partners (agents, VARs, system integrators, dealers, interconnects), analysts or consultants with real-world applications as co-presenters will have an increased chance of being selected.

Poll: Where Should Cloud Partners 2015 Be Held?

The second annual Cloud Partners, a Channel Partners event, will be held Sept. 8-10, 2014, in New Orleans. We’re planning the 2015 show and wanted your input on which city should host it. Vote in our poll!

Deconstructing Curry and Broadband Statistics

Our position on the list of G7 members could be improved but given the nature of tax subsidies, competition and other government policies that influence price, I am comfortable with where we stand for the most part. The exception to this is the level of penetration for broadband usage in the U.S. versus the G7.

Mama, Put Your Red Dress On and Put Down the Cell Phone

I was thoroughly annoyed by this woman in front of me in the buffet line. With a plate in one hand, serving utensil in the other, she thought it appropriate to maintain a conversation on her phone delicately balanced between her cheek and shoulder.

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