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AT&T Launches LTE Network

AT&T has no LTE smartphones available just yet, but it is selling a 4G modem, a mobile hotspot and a tablet PC that are compatible with the new network.

Sorry, AT&T: Youre Still the Worst Survey

Consumer Reports is back with another survey of wireless carriers, and the news isnt good for AT&T, which continues to be dogged by complaints about dropped calls and generally poor service.

AT&T Morally Wrong for Selling iPhone?

Deserved or not, the continued bashing of AT&T’s network coverage and quality has entered the new year as sure as the ball drop in Times Square. David Coursey of IDG News Service raises an interesting question. He wonders, if based on AT&T’s well-publicized wireless network problems, if the company is “morally wrong” for selling the […]

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