Neil Ende


The Problem With Web Site References in Contracts

The terms and conditions of the contract are supplemented by and/or subject to the terms of the service guide, along with a URL reference to the carriers Web site. This language seems innocuous and the explanation sounds logical. Do not believe it, not even for a second.

Growth: How Can Agents Tap Into Customer Value?

Unlike most business relationships, where the party with the direct relationship controls the customer, telecom agents do not have this luxury. To the contrary, because the role of a telecom agent typically is limited to acquiring customers for the carrier, an agent generally does not have any proprietary interest in the customer or control over […]

Still Rolling the Arbitration Dice?

Longtime readers of PHONE+ might recall our repeated words of caution regarding the misperception that arbitration is the better, faster and cheaper alternative than court. While we have acknowledged these goals are attainable, we have also warned readers of the uncertainty of the arbitration process.

Channel Attorney Discusses Analyzing Agent Agreements

Agreements between telecom agents, resellers and carriers are critical to the success of those business relationships. Determining and scrutinizing contact details on the front end will help agents avoid being ruled by poorly drafted, unbalanced contracts. In today’s session, “Analyzing Agent Agreements,” led by Neil Ende, attorney with Technology Law Group LLC, attendees can find […]

Carrier NDAs Threaten TEM Providers

With telecom expense management providers uncovering millions of dollars in billing errors, overcharges and redundancies, it was only a matter of time before carriers would try to shut them out of the mix. Although carrier contractual language has been making stipulations about third-party involvement for years, TEM providers are reporting an increase in restrictions made by carriers, therefore incapacitating them and stifling their customer relationships.

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