Customer Service Measurement: Why Bother?

Posted: 7/2003 Customer Service Measurement: Why Bother? By David Saxby I recently received a customer-satisfaction survey from a Holiday Inn in Louisiana where I stayed for several days on business. They wanted to know how I felt about my experience there. So I told them: My room was great. The breakfast bar was excellent. The […]


Posted: 1/2003 Premium Blend Resellers Positioned to Fill Distributed Enterprise Broadband Needs By Khali Henderson LARGER BUSINESSES SUPPORTING growing remote offices and mobile and at-home workers are showing increased demand for broadband services, such as DSL. Lack of ubiquitous facilities-based providers, however, puts resellers that can aggregate multiple broadband networks in good stead to fulfill […]

eCHANNEL: Turn Online Buyer

Posted: 11/2002 Turn Online Buyer Frustration into Instant Gratification Optimizing Online Sales Strategies Part 2 By Dr. Bonny Brown and Dr. Anthony Bastardi AS DISCUSSED LAST MONTH IN PART ONE of this three-part series, telecommunications sites suffer from classic usability problems in that they often are not designed from the end-user’s perspective. While site designs […]

Sales seminar: How to Avoid Being the Designated Loser

Posted: 10/2002 SALES SEMINAR How to Avoid Being the Designated Loser Wayne M. Thomas, D.B.A EARLIER THIS YEAR there was a big hullabaloo about whether David Letterman would leave CBS for ABC. Millions of dollars were at stake for both networks. By becoming the center of a bidding war, Letterman gained leverage to play the […]

Tangoe Raises $3 Million in Equity Round

Tangoe, a company providing enterprises software to manage their communications needs, announced Thursday raising $3 million in equity financing. Edison Venture Fund led the second financing round followed by Series A investors. “Tangoe has demonstrated that its software dramatically reduces an enterprise’s voice and data spend through automation and we are confident that its strong […]

In Box

Posted: 08/2002 In Box Recording the Lack of Competitive Progress Has PHONE+ done any articles lately on the failure of the Telecom Act? More importantly has there been any effort to create a ground swell of support for the CLEC industry against the complete and blatant refusal of RBOCs to comply with the act. I […]

Portal Power: Micro Corpe-enables Sales with LDdirect

Posted: 05/2002 Portal Power: Micro Corp e-enables Sales with LDdirect By Tara Seals Master agency and reseller MicroCorp Inc. (also known as theAgents-Network) has launched LDdirect, an online initiative that gives MicroCorp agents a customizable website for sales and support of long-distance and wireless services from Sprint Corp., Cable & Wireless USA) and BellSouth Corp. […]


Posted: 05/2002 31 flavors The Scoop on Filling Businesses Internet Access Appetites By Tara SealsA TRIP TO THE ICE CREAM store can be a rewarding experience, unless you order the triple-flip banana split and end up with too much, or go with a modest vanilla scoop-in-a-cup and leave wanting more.A similar option-filled decision awaits businesses […]

Partner Channel: Brand Spanking NUI: Company, Agent Program Debut

Posted: 11/2001 Partner Channel Brand Spanking NUI: Company, Agent Program Debut By Tara Seals These days, market newcomers are few and far between, but reseller NUI Telecom Inc. has decided to give it a go. The company, a subsidiary of Atlantic seaboard energy giant NUI Corp., launched its "Solutions Express" agency program aimed at expanding […]

E-Channel: Nonprofits Find Affinity with

Posted: 02/2001 Nonprofits Find Affinity with By Becky Bracken In an effort to attract more traffic to its website, Inc. ( recently implemented its Affinity Program for nonprofit organizations. Because nonprofits rarely have the in-house expertise to design a communications solution, can apply its reach across the telecommunications sector as a business-to-business […]

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