Thomas Wheeler Takes the Helm at FCC

The new chairman  who has a background in the cable, mobile and tech industries  describes himself as “rabidly pro-competition.”

Markey Revives Net Neutrality Debate

Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., revived the net neutrality debate on Wednesday when he introduced the Internet Freedom Preservation Act. The bill appeared the day after Comcast Corp. filed comments with the FCC defending its need to manage its network however it chooses. Comcast faces criticism for apparently slowing P2P content such as that from Vuze, […]

FCC to Cable: Put a Cap On It

The FCC on Tuesday voted to once again cap the growth of cable companies that reach 30 percent market share. A federal appeals court in 2001 overturned the FCCs previous cable cap and Republican commissioner Robert McDowell predicted Tuesdays order also will be upended. The National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) agreed. We are confident […]

Communications Act of 2006?

WHILE THERE IS CONSIDERABLE momentum behind a telecom policy rewrite, it is debatable whether it will be decided this year. 2006, say doubters, will find elections on the tops of politicians priority lists. Others remain optimistic elections will pose no deterrent to new legislation. Executives for USTelecom and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) predict a […]

Three-Way Fight

Posted: 09/2001 Three-Way Fight IXCs, ILECs, Cablecos Dig In on Local Ground By Kim Sunderland Verizon Communications Inc. has offered up to a $10,000 reward to anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of culprits responsible for thefts and vandalism of the company’s telephone cable in Southern California.Bummer man. Like, who would do […]

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