Jan DeRobertis

Company Name: NBC Solutions Corp. How long have you been reading PHONE+?: About 15 years  Why do you read PHONE+?: It’s Informative, it gives me the inside scoop about my competitors. Where did you work in 1987?: Savin Corporation What was your title in 1987?: Sales Manager What do you remember most about 1987?: It […]

E-Channel: NBC’s Peacock Spreads its Reach

Posted: 12/2000 NBC’s Peacock Spreads its Reach It won’t get the laughs of "Will & Grace" or "Frasier," nor will it evoke the drama of "The West Wing," but NBC believes its latest venture will be satisfying. NBC Internet Inc. (NBCi, www.nbci.com) has introduced a consumer Internet portal service, which it calls "Your Personal Agent […]

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