Verizon Adds Wholesale Wireless, Signs Lightyear

As promised in February, Verizon is rolling out wholesale wireless services to its wireline resellers. Lightyear Network Solutions LLC has signed on as the first reseller for the Verizon Wholesale Mobility Solutions suite, which includes both voice and broadband services. The Verizon Wholesale Mobility Solutions suite is available only to VPS wireline resellers. Pricing is […]

Virgin Mobile to Acquire Helio

Call it a tale of two business models: Successful MVNO Virgin Mobile USA Inc. will take over struggling MVNO Helio for $39 million, the companies announced on Friday. Like Virgin Mobile, Helio uses Sprint-Nextel Corp. as its underlying network provider, but that’s where the similarities end. Helio, a joint venture between SK Telecom  and EarthLink Inc., spearheaded […]

Roundtable: Qwest Partners With Verizon

On Qwest Communications International Inc. nixing Sprint Nextel  contract in favor of Verizon Wireless… “We like the attitude of Verizon, we like their openness.” — Qwest CEO Ed Mueller on May 6, 2008, earnings call “The move to Verizon Wireless won’t hurt Qwest, but how will it help? There is a lot of hassle for customers […]

Qwest’s New Wireless Strategy Makes it an Agent

Qwest Communications International Inc. has made good on its intentions to replace Sprint Nextel its official wireless provider, choosing Verizon Wireless as the lucky winner of its 24,000 wireless subscribers. More importantly, the five-year Verizon arrangement will eschew the typical MVNO model in favor of an agency relationship; a potentially disruptive move for Qwest. The […]

Qwest Talking to AT&T for Wireless

Qwest Communications International Inc. is now speaking with AT&T Inc. as it decides where to move its 824,000 wireless subscribers, CEO Ed Mueller has confirmed. Last week Mueller said Qwest was in discussions with Verizon Communications Inc. on the same topic. Mueller said Qwest would make a decision soon. An agreement with either cellco would […]

Qwest May Cut Sprint, Move Wireless Subs to Verizon

Qwest Communications International Inc. is in talks with Verizon Communications Inc. to move its 824,000 wireless subscribers onto the Verizon Wireless network, Verizon confirmed on Wednesday. If the deal goes through, it could leverage other Verizon services as well to shore up its service bundles. Qwest, the No. 3 phone company in the United States, […]

Helio CEO Steps Down to Become Chairman

Helio LLC Founder and CEO Sky Dayton is leaving the top position at the MVNO to become chairman, the company said Monday. Wonhee Sull, the former president and COO of Helio will replace Dayton. Dayton replaces Jinwoo So, president of global business for SK Telecom, as chairman. “Helio has reached a point in its development […]

Airlink Mobile Launches Powerlink Unlimited

Airlink Mobile said it has launched Powerlink Unlimited an inexpensive nationwide, unlimited calling plan. Airlink Mobiles new unlimited plan offers nationwide coverage and U.S. long-distance on a pay-as-you-go basis. Powerlink Unlimited network services are provided on the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network. It has no restrictions on the consumers home calling area and the plan costs […]

Micro Mobile Model: MVNOs

The Walt Disney Co. hung up on its second MVNO venture, shuttering Disney Mobile in September, a year after it gave up on ESPN Mobile. In between, another MVNO, Ampd Mobile, filed bankruptcy and access to its customers was sold to Prexar LLC. The events call into question the future of MVNOs, which analysts said […]

Disney Hangs Up on MVNO

On Dec. 31, Disney Mobile will officially turn back into a pumpkin. The kid-focused and parent-friendly MVNO, which runs on the Sprint Nextel network, announced last month it would be turning off service a scant 18 months after launch. The Walt Disney Co. is bowing out of another MVNO venture this time its property Disney […]

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