Comcast to Launch WiMAX, 3G

Comcast Corp. is becoming an MVNO on the Clearwire Corp. WiMAX network, and on Sprint-Nextel Corp.’s 3G data EV-DO Rev. a network. Result: Combined 3G/4G service with seamless roaming between the two thanks to dual-mode Comcast-branded wireless data laptop cards, plus a 4G-only service for those that don’t travel from town to town. The cableco, […]

The Dell MVNO

Dell Computer is in a tough spot. As better wireless networks are built out, traditional desktop sales are faltering and losing ground to laptops, netbooks and even smartphones. The latest idea the computer-maker has to capitalize on the dawn of ubiquitous wireless broadband is forming an MVNO, according to reports. The idea is to “offer […]

CTIA: Zer01 Debuts Unlimited, No Contract Mobile Plan

Mobile VoIP provider Zer01 Communications is making its debut at CTIA Wireless 2009 this week with an offer you can’t shake a stick at – unlimited nationwide mobile voice and data service priced at $69.95 per month with no contracts or commitments, no roaming charges and no additional taxes and fees. The company also will […]

Clearwire Preps VoIP over WiMAX

Clearwire Corp. apparently plans to make good on previously mentioned plans to offer VoIP over its WiMAX 4G mobile broadband network. The carrier is testing VoWiMAX devices on its Portland, Ore. network. Mobile voice services will launch in 2010 after testing throughout 2009 to resolve hurdles like integrating with home lines and cellular networks. The […]

COMPTEL PLUS: Verizon Wholesale to Unbundle Mobility Solutions

Verizon Partner Solutions (VPS), the wholesale arm of Verizon Communications, is making some changes to its new Verizon Wholesale Mobility Solutions offer, including the addition of bulk voice minutes. The wholesaler will be discussing those changes with customers at the COMPTEL PLUS Convention & Expo this week in Dallas. When launched in summer 2008, VPS’ […]

MWC Preview: Truphone to Launch MVNO

Truphone is taking its low-cost international VoIP calling and other services to a whole new level with the launch of an MVNO. The first details will be revealed at Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona. Truphone is an application for the iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry and Nokia S60 dual-mode devices. It allows international toll […]

Identity Crisis: Nokia Plans MVNO

When you think “Nokia,” what pops into your head? Hopefully, “handsets.” That’s considering that Nokia remains the worldwide leader in market share. But Nokia is expanding its focus into the services area, with the latest news being its plans to launch an MVNO in Japan sometime in the spring. According to Japanese daily Yomiuri Shimbun, […]

iPCS Injunction to Nix Sprint-Clearwire Dropped

Spring-Nextel Corp. this week managed to mollify its affiliate, iPCS Inc., which had filed an injunction to block Sprint’s WiMAX deal with Clearwire Corp., which is scheduled for a Clearwire shareholder vote on Nov. 20. iPCS has exclusive rights to sell Sprint wireless mobility in its districts. The new WiMAX venture, which will be known […]

Breaking: Sprint Not, Repeat NOT Selling iDEN

Sprint-Nextel Corp. on Thursday laid to rest rumors that stretch back more than a year, saying once and for all that it will NOT be selling its push-to-talk iDEN network, which it acquired in what’s become known as “The Deal from Hell,” its 2005 purchase of Nextel. The news comes just scant weeks since CEO […]

Boost Mobile Wonders: Where You At, Subs?

Where you at? In an effort to widen the target market for its prepaid offers, Boost Mobile, an MVNO that rides on the Sprint Nextel Corp. network, is asking just that of a new demographic: 18- to 35-year-olds. It’s an attempt to move beyond the MVNO’s 14- to 25-year old urban sweet spot, and to […]

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