Avaya, Equant Develop Managed IP Platform

Avaya Inc. and Equant, a subsidiary of France Telecom specializing in communications infrastructure, have developed a managed IP telephony communications platform for multinational companies. The technology integrates Avaya applications with Equants VoIP VPN service; the offering includes consulting, implementation and ongoing managed services support. Equant also now is authorized to resell Avayas products including Communication […]

Read My Lips

Posted: 06/1998 A PHONE+ Exclusive Read My Lips International Buying Alliance Gives Multinational Carriers a Raspberry By Khali Henderson At the Intelsat-hosted global traffic meetings in Washington in May there was at least one new player at the negotiating table: the Telecom Buying Alliance (TBA), a consortium of some 50 small- to mid-size long distance […]

Are You Overlooking Multinational Customers Because of HeavyCompetition?

Posted: 06/1998 Are You Overlooking Multinational Customers Because of Heavy Competition? If so, you may want to look again at these potentially lucrative customers. By Casey Freymuth Dead-set on repeating history, the majority of new entrants in industrialized countries are targeting long distance telecommunications users that spend anywhere from U.S. $30 per month (for residential […]

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