Telecom NZ, Pactolus Offer White-Label Int’l Prepaid

Telecom New Zealand International (TNZI) will offer MSOs a white-label way to add new international services like prepaid long-distance, using Pactolus Communications’ SIPware Prepaid Service. TNZI is expanding to offer a new suite of white-label services that allow its retail MSO and IP service provider customers to brand and offer subscribers transparently layered prepaid international […]

Regulatory Track to Address Wireless Broadband, Net Neutrality, More

Even though the telecom reform bill the Bells lobbied so hard for last year never came to fruition, there still is a lot of regulatory activity to look forward to in 2007. The prospect of another rewrite attempt, however, is small. On the other hand, the FCC, Congress and the states are eyeing various issues, […]

reseller channel: Cablecos Sprint to Quad-Play

Four of the nations top cable providers are teaming with Sprint Corp. to deliver a suite of converged services that include live television on wireless phones, combined wireline/wireless mailboxes and more. Advance/Newhouse Communications Inc., Comcast Corp., Time Warner Inc.s cable division and Cox Communications Inc. will resell wireless service from Sprint. Also, they will partner […]

Voice Dreams, VoIP Realities

Resale options for voice over IP are changing the cable model and helping to turn the frothy triple play dream of better customer retention and higher average revenue per user (ARPU) into reality. This isn’t merely a windfall for multiple system operators (MSOs): It’s crucial to their competitive viability. It’s been a while since cable […]

Carrier Channel: Wholesalers Put Cablecos in Phone Business

Posted: 4/2003 Wholesalers Put Cablecos in Phone Business By Khali Henderson To date, cable telephony deployments have been TDM-based as most would-be cable/telcos have been waiting for an end-to-end VoIP solution, which has been touted as being a less expensive entry strategy than connecting two-way hybrid-fiber coaxial (HFC) to Class 5 switches. The wait may […]

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