U4EA, Vidtel Team for SMB Video Calling Service

U4EA Technologies announced it will partner with Vidtel to deliver video communication services to SMBs. By combining U4EA’s Fusion series multiservice business gateways (MSBG) with Vidtel’s new desktop video calling and conferencing services, video call quality is ensured and WAN bandwidth is fully utilized, the companies said. The Fusion Series MSBGs combine multiple functions – […]

Nuvio, SimpleSignal Tout U4EA MSBGs

U4EA Technologies announced that Nuvio has standardized on U4EA’s Fusion series of Multi-service Business Gateways (MSBG) with its cloud computing platform for delivering initially hosted VoIP and SIP trunking services to SMBs. The Fusion Series MSBGs combine the functions of a router, switch, firewall/NAT, IPSec/VPN, IDS, session controller, bandwidth manager, VoIP Gateway, patented QoS (GoSTM) […]

Sutus Upgrades Business Central

Sutus Inc. has announced new features for its Business Central, a multiservice business gateway that combines telephony, data and networking features for businesses of up to 25 employees. Sutus Business Central includes a business-class phone system, file server, e-mail server, router, firewall, wireless access point, VPN remote access server and automated backups. It has the […]

Nortel Unveils All-in-One Solutions

Nortel has added its entry to the multiservice business gateway category with its new BSG8 and BSG12 products for small businesses. The new offers combine functionality of a router, wireless and wireline switch, SIP gateway, analog telephone adapter, firewall, VPN, intrusion-detection and bandwidth prioritization capabilities. Nortel crams all those capabilities into an all-in-one box, but […]

Majority Use Multiservice Business Gateways, In-Stat Survey Shows

The appeal of the multiservice business gateway (MSBG) in the U.S. market continues to increase among small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and branch offices, reports In-Stat. More than 50 percent of all U.S. businesses with more than 20 employees have installed MSBG devices, according to the firm’s new survey of U.S. IT and business managers […]

Alliance To Deliver MSBG Message

The combination of communications-in-a-box and managed services might be the next buzzed-out thing if some industry players get their way. The newly formed Multi-Service Business Gateway (MSBG) Alliance, unveiled at Interop, aims to accelerate the development of converged systems for the SMB market, turning inside-out the existing router and a bunch-of-other-boxes scenario found in most […]

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