Wireless Tax Moratorium Moves Forward

Wireless customers, on average, reportedly pay 16.3 percent in fees and taxes, representing more than twice the average rate of 7.4 percent on other goods and services.

Senate Approves Seven-Year Internet Tax Ban

The U.S. Senate Thursday night voted to keep the Internet tax-free for another seven years. The House must follow suit and the president must sign the bill by Nov. 1 for the moratorium to take effect. The original ban on Web taxes was set in 1998. Congress already has extended the ban twice. U.S. House […]

Round Table

On the recent Congressional push to keep Internet access services such as Web hosting tax-free [T]he fledgling industry argument for Internet services in the United States is no longer relevant. Electronic commerce is a mature and important part of the U.S. and international economy. The continued moratorium on taxing charges for Internet access should be […]

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