Verizon iPhone Could Be LTE-Capable

If Verizon Wireless really does snag the iPhone by early next year, as new rumors suggest, the CDMA version of the popular Apple smartphone could be LTE-capable.

Rugged & RF-Ready

WIRELESS-ENABLED LAPTOPS are regarded widely by business executives as critical tools. A recent survey of small businesses attests to this trend. In its poll of nearly 1,500 small businesses, the American Small Business Travelers Alliance (ASBTA) found owners believe wireless technology is essential to their businesses. Most (80 percent) rely on wireless devices to stay […]

Taking Copper to its Limits: A Technology Tutorial

Copper transmission technologies have made remarkable advancements over the last 20 years, producing mature, nearly optimal architectures for signaling over a single copper pair. Transmission over copper, once seen as antiquated in a world moving toward fiber, has had a rebirth. With its ability to handle broadband speeds, it is central to solving the last-mile […]

Telcos Likely to Seek Broadband Deregulation

In a victory for the cable TV industry seeking deregulation of their DSL networks, the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld an FCC ruling that frees cable operators from requirements to open their broadband lines to other Internet service providers. The high court ruled in late June that the FCC had the right to treat cable […]

Twisting Pairs:Getting the Kinks Out of Video Over DSL

Posted: 11/2000 Twisting Pairs:Getting the Kinks Out of Video Over DSL By Aldo Morri Let’s face it, carriers still don’t have the bugs out of DSL, especially when it comes to figuring out how to deliver video over these upgraded, twisted-pair copper wires. Nonetheless, as companies attract a critical mass of customers for DSL Internet […]

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