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Mobile Revenues to Hit $1 Trillion by 2013

Putting a very big number on the coming explosion in wireless data, research firm Informa Telecoms & Media predicted that revenue from mobile services will surpass the $1 trillion mark in 2013. That’s one trillion, with a capital “T.” “The explosion of mobile broadband has renewed the significance of the network itself as operators market […]

Ask Steve: Which Cell Companies Are Best for SMBs?

About one-third of the questions I get these days are about mobility and wireless — rate plans, mobile applications, the next hot device, sales channels and carrier plans. Here’s a good one to help us lay out the U.S. SMB market for mobile solutions. Q:Which cellular companies are best for SMBs? —Dmitri from Amherst, Mass. […]

Zer01 Touts Unlimited Wireless, Teams With Netmovies

Zer01 Mobile has formally launched its new nationwide unlimited voice, data and Web mobile wireless service. The company says the service will allow users to make as many phone calls, surf the Web, view movies and videos, text messages, play games, download music and use their smartphones for a variety of other applications all for […]

Case Study: Cardinal Rules Apply at Digital Stadium

Although the Cardinals did not win the Super Bowl, there is nothing wrong with their reception. The Arizona Cardinals are always striving for perfection on and off the field; whether they are moving the ball on the NFL’s top defense and staging 83-yard drives that end with Kurt Warner hitting tight end Ben Patrick for […]

Ask Steve: Is G1 Ready for a Company Rollout?

Google Inc. was the darling of the tech market pre-implosion. Maybe it still is. We decided to put Google’s much discussed Android OS to the test with our small and medium business panel. This panel gives Yankee Group insights into technology implementation, use and ongoing support from the SMB’s perspective — something difficult to find. […]

WAV, SkyPilot Sign Distribution Agreement

WAV Inc. has extended its product portfolio by signing a distribution agreement with SkyPilot Networks. Under this new agreement, WAV will offer SkyPilot’s entire line of broadband wireless products to combine a point-to-multipoint base station, a multihop wireless relay, and a point-to-point link into a single system for its solution providers. “SkyPilot’s unique backhaul capabilities […]

Ask Steve: Managed Mobility Makes Sense

How many employees in your firm have a mobile device? Did your employer issue you the mobile device and pay for it under a corporate plan? Imagine being that poor stiff in the IT department managing all those mobile devices, associated rate plans, services, applications and offers. Oh… that’s you? You’re that poor IT stiff? […]

Ask Steve: Fixed-Mobile Convergence Hype

Have you ever heard about a new technology offering or idea that instantly made you cringe? Maybe something that you knew deep in your heart had absolutely no future and seemed like a Full Employment Act for a carrier’s marketing department, but little more? This month in Ask Steve, let’s talk about one such concept: […]

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