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Tech Data Does Distribution Deal With DataXoom

Tech Data will provide DataXoom’s value-added mobile data services to its network of solution providers in the U.S. through the company’s Client and Mobile Solutions division.

Peer-to-Peer Blog: All-You-Can-Eat Fettuccine

Heavy users of video, gaming, music streaming, social media uploads and e-mail are not going to change their habits due to minor price increases. The key here is minor. Increase the price too much and you will reduce usage and lose customers.

AT&T: No Decision to Eliminate Flat-Rate Data Pricing

“We have not made any decision to implement tiered pricing.” That’s what Ralph de la Vega, president and chief executive for mobility and consumer markets at AT&T Inc. told the Wall Street Journal this week. In the wake of statements that the carrier plans to “encourage” mobile data-hogs to scale back on their usage, analysts […]

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