Posted: 10/2003 LONG-DISTANCE FUTURE MIXED BAG Outlook Hinges on Segment, Competitive Position By Joyce Lo and Taher Bouzayen RBOC entry into the long-distance market coupled with overall declining retail voice revenue will create a challenging environment for longdistance players over the next several years, according to new research from Boston-based Atlantic-ACM. While all long-distance players […]

Collaborative: Mixed Media

Posted: 08/2002 Mixed Media Audio, Web and Video Collaboration Converge at the Desktop By Khali Henderson and Fred Dawson REAL-TIME COMMUNICATION is part of a larger business trend toward increased communication, collaboration and knowledge management, says Lewis Ward, senior research analyst for Collaborative Strategies LLC. "Over time, we anticipate that collaboration will no longer be […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: WorldCom Sends Mixed Signals Regarding Agents

Posted: 07/2002 WorldCom Sends Mixed Signals Regarding Agents By Tara Seals WITH THE EFFICIENCY OF A JEDI LIGHTSABER, WorldCom Inc. COO Ronald Beaumont shook up the channel galaxy in May. Beaumont said during a teleconference with analysts and the press that WorldCom’s agent program has been somewhat unsuccessful, and the carrier would scale back its […]

Stock Watch: Encouraging, Grim News Leaves Market Mixed

Posted: 1/2002 Stock Watch Encouraging, Grim News Leaves Market Mixed Optimistic investors pushed the stock markets upwards from mid-October to mid-November, although the PHONE+ Stock index did not keep pace with other major indexes. Economic news was grim and encouraging during the period. The United States reported 415,000 jobs were lost in October, the biggest […]

Wholesale: Survey: DSL Wholesalers Get Mixed Reviews

Posted: 11/2000 Survey: DSL Wholesalers Get Mixed Reviews By Judy Reed Smith and Nick Regas DSL. It was a brilliant idea: Widen the bandwidth spectrum over the same copper wire that telephones already use enabling data and voice data to travel simultaneously at high speeds. It could not have happened at a better time. Demand […]

Mixed Messages

Posted: 06/1999 Mixed Messages State Anti-Slamming Rules Conflict with FCC Order By James Veilleux The anti-slamming rules issued by the Federal Communi-cations Commission (FCC) are by no means the last word. State rules still apply. At least 38 states have rules against slamming, and at least 20 states’ rules are significantly different from the FCC’s. […]

Breaking Ranks

Posted: 10/1998 Breaking Ranks Forecasts Vary for Telco Agents Turned CLECs By Gail Lawyer A new kind of competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) is on the horizon. They are former Bell company sales agents that have gained knowledge of the local phone business and developed close relationships with thousands of small to mid-sized business customers. […]

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