Congress Unlikely to Introduce Controversial Telecom Legislation, Say Experts

The Bush Administration and the Republican-controlled Congress will focus on key issues such as homeland security and the economy during the 108th Congress and are unlikely to push any controversial bills, including telecom legislation, experts said Wednesday during a press briefing hosted by the Competitive Telecommunications Association (CompTel). It is hard to fathom Congress supporting […]


Posted: 09/2002 Overheard… … in July 30 testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation … "[T]o address the capital shortage facing the telecommunications industry, telecom firms must work diligently to clean up their balance sheets to restore some financial stability and reality to this industry." —Michael K. Powell, Chairman, FCC , […]

Prepaid Section: Unmasking Criminals

Posted: 03/2002 Unmasking Criminals Would Congress Pass Law Requiring Prepaid Wireless ID Check to Aid Investigations? By Josh LongThe cooperation of prepaid companies remains crucial in helping federal authorities find suspected terrorists linked to the Sept. 11 bombings and other criminal activities. Last September the International Prepaid Communications Association (IPCA) provided the FBI a fact […]

Wholesale Channel Links

Posted: 2/2002 Wholesale Channel Wholesale Channel Links 360networks www.360.netAlliance Group Services Inc. www.alliancegrp.comBandwidth Market www.bandwidthmarket.comCable & Wireless Communications Inc. www.capsulecom.comCIMCO Communications Columbus Capital Co. LLC www.3cadvisors.comConnect America www.linkus.netConvergent Communications Services Inc. www.converg.comCovista Communications Inc. www.covista.comFederal Communications Commission www.fcc.govFPL FiberNet www.fplfibernet.comForstmann Little www.forstmannlitle.comFusion Telecommunications International www.fusiontel.comGlobal Crossing Ltd. www.globalcrossing.comGrande Communications www.grandecom.comGRIC Communications Inc. www.gric.comGroup […]

Change of Season

Posted: 09/2001 Change of Season Hollings’ Leadership Leaves No Question That Bell-Friendly Legislation is a Moot Point By Kim Sunderland Sen. Ernest “Fritz” Hollings Sen. Ernest “Fritz” Hollings (D-S.C.), the new chairman of the powerful Senate Commerce Committee and long-time Bell adversary, is poised to introduce legislation that would require the RBOCs to separate into […]

Regulatory News – State Regulators’ Group Chides IXCs on Billing Practice

Posted: 08/2001 Regulatory News State Regulators’ Group Chides IXCs on Billing Practice By Kim Sunderland A new long-distance billing charge and the manner in which it has been imposed on customers equates to rate increases, says a group that represents state telecom regulatory commissioners. At the same time, the biggest of the Big Three IXCs […]

Regulatory News – IXCs, Competitive Carriers Relish More ‘Democratic’ Senate

Posted: 08/2001 Regulatory News IXCs, Competitive Carriers Relish More ‘Democratic’ Senate By Kim Sunderland When the Democrats took over the U.S. Senate ( in the wake of Vermont Sen. Jim Jeffords’ resignation from the Republican Party earlier this summer, the nation’s IXCs and other competitive telecom carriers thanked the senator and their lucky stars.With new […]

Regulatory News – Advisory Group Named to Design FCC Reform Plan

Posted: 12/2000 Advisory Group Named to Design FCC Reform Plan By Kim Sunderland Washington-based think tank Progress & Freedom Foundation (PFF, is expected to release a report this month on how best to reform the FCC ( The PFF recruited 15 of the nation’s foremost communications experts to serve on its Communications Policy Advisory Committee. […]

Trading Desk: Master Agreement Remains in Committee

Posted: 12/2000 ACE Expands Global Program The Asia Capacity Exchange (ACE,, which trades international telecommunications capacity, announced in late October an aggressive plan to expand into the Europe and Asia markets. With headquarters in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, ACE announced it has submitted applications for telecom licenses in Japan, Singapore and Australia. If […]

Trading Desk: Master Agreement Remains in Committee

Posted: 12/2000 Master Agreement Remains in Committee By Khali Henderson After months of deliberations, the committee drafting a bandwidth trading master agreement is close to releasing the draft, according to H. Russell Frisby Jr., president of the Competitive Telecommunications Association (CompTel,, the association that organized the task force. At press time, however, Frisby could […]

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