Q: What is the role of minutes exchanges in capacity trading?

Q: What is the role of minutes exchanges in capacity trading?A: Most fundamentally, a minutes “exchange” is not a true exchange where commodities traders meet to trade standard futures contracts. Minutes exchanges are actually physical delivery marketplaces for telephone minutes. It is more accurate then to refer to them as “minutes marketplaces.” Ultimately, all trades […]

Platform Snooze

Posted: 02/2000 Rid Yourself of Platform Snooze Prepaid Rage Is Way to Robust Future The prepaid communications services market is buzzing with activity. Companies are clamoring to get into prepaid, while established carriers are adding it to a growing telephony menu. The list and range of available services is expanding, as are the methods companies […]

Prepaid Long Distance

Posted: 03/2000 Prepaid Long Distance Blackstone, Qwest Team Up To Roll Out Card Program Prepaid services provider Blackstone Calling Card Inc. (www.blackstonecallingcard.com) has teamed with long-distance provider and international telecom carrier Qwest Communications International Inc. (www.qwest.net) in a multimillion-dollar partnership for the rollout of Blackstone’s "The Right One" prepaid calling card program. Blackstone, which distributes […]

Convergence of Market Forces Is Future of SpotMarket

Posted: 11/1999 Convergence of Market Forces Is Future of Spot Market Downward pressure in the spot market on rates is having a decisive impact on the fundamental structure of the industry. As rates decline, the industry adjusts contract structures and trading mechanisms on its own in the spot market, while regulators must account for these […]

Business News – Qwest Offers Free Internet Access with Bundled Services

Posted: 10/1999 Qwest Offers Free Internet Access with Bundled Services By Liz Montalbano In a move that analysts say is the future of bundled services, Qwest Communications International Inc., Denver, announced it would offer free Internet access to consumers who purchase special long distance calling services. Qwest’s communications package consists of free unlimited dial-up Internet […]

IPLs in Demand; U.S. Bandwidth Pricing Declines

Posted: 10/1999 IPLs in Demand; U.S. Bandwidth Pricing Declines RateXchange’s bandwidth market was moderately active last month. Much of the supply was in U.S. domestic private lines while most of the trading was in international private lines (IPLs). Tier 3 wholesale carriers and even Internet service providers (ISPs) are grabbing IPLs as soon as they […]

Telecommodities Indices

Posted: 07/1999 TeleCommodities Indices Turns Forward-Looking Beginning in next month’s issue of PHONE+, RateXchange will publish new TeleCommodities Indices reflecting temporal (current and future) and geographically specific indicators, including: * The Real-Time Bandwidth Exchange*Revealed Price Index (RTBX*RPI), which reveals current market rates for wholesale public switched telephone network (PSTN) minutes; and * The RTBX*Revealed Forward […]

Telecommodities Indices

Posted: 03/1999 New Year Marked by Across-the-Board Rate Adjustments RateXchange trading activity surged at the beginning of the year. Carriers adjusted their rates across the board with new wholesale promotions. This was most clearly evident in nonindexed routes, such as Chile, Denmark, Jordan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland and the Syrian Arab Republic minutes […]

An Alliance of a Different Color

Posted: 02/1999 An Alliance of a Different Color By Jennifer Knapp Take one billing provider, one switch manufacturer and 30 small switchless resellers, bring them together and what do you have? The TelecomAlliance. This union, however, is clearly a horse of a different color in the telecommunications alliance corral. Unlike its predecessors–The Telecom Buying Alliance […]

Market Makers Push "Telecommodities"

Posted: 12/1998 Market Makers Push "Telecommodities" By Khali Henderson In a decade of "disintermediation," when vendors like Austin, Texas,-based Dell Computer have been praised and copied for eliminating distribution layers (and incremental costs) between them and their customers, the telecommunications services market has added a layer of middlemen. By bringing buyers and sellers together, these […]

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