UDP to provide Carrier Access Billing services to ATX

UDP has announced that ATX Communications, a provider of integrated voice, data and network security services, will use the GALAXY Carrier Access Billing Services. The multi-year agreement includes the provision of switched access and reciprocal compensation services. After careful evaluation, we selected UDP and its team of billing experts to provide us with important carrier […]

Mining LIDBs

A shift from traditional wireline services to mobility and VoIP has lessened the volume for line information database (LIDB) storage for carriers. But this old standby’s unparalleled ability to provide accurate customer information may give rise to new usage models far beyond telecom. Conceived as a way to validate collect calls, calling card calls and […]

Bottom Line: Access Cost Management on Front Burner

Posted: 10/2000 Access Cost Management on Front Burner By Chris Garifo As long-distance minutes grow and calling rates fall, long-haul carriers, ILECs and CLECs are paying more and more attention to access charges, often the single biggest item on their ledgers.However, keeping track of those charges can be a nightmare when you consider the tens […]

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