Are You Sitting on a Gold Mine?

Are you sitting on additional wireless revenue from your current customers that you have not mined yet because you dont want to: A) Learn countless, confusing wireless price plans.B) Study an endless myriad of devices.C) Get called on a Sunday to replace a water-logged BlackBerry device a CEO dropped into the lavatory.D) All of the […]

Lucent Makes Move to Packet World

Posted: 06/1999 Lucent Makes Move to Packet World By Ken Branson Lucent Technologies Inc., Murray Hill, N.J., made its long-awaited packet move in late April, announcing two products to help it and its customers make the transition from the circuit-switched world to the packet-switched world. The R/Evolutionary Networking portfolio is aimed at carriers that already […]

Fiber Buildout Boom Continues

Posted: 09/1998 Fiber Buildout Boom Continues By Peter Meade Think "real estate" is the tip for the slew of long distance carriers that have made recent announcements about buildouts of their fiber optic networks. Image: Frontier "Optronics" Network Completion Schedule The market for building fiber networks has a lot of parallels with the real estate […]

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