Mignon Clyburn


FCCs Clyburn Said to Support Broadband Reclassification

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn is said to support a move to reclassify broadband services as under Title II, or common carrier, regulations. Clyburn told C-SPAN – in a segment that will first air tomorrow evening – she has not made a firm decision on the matter. But a source close to Clyburn told the Washington […]

FCC to Start Next Week With Full Complement

The Senate has unanimously approved the nominations of Mignon Clyburn and Meredith Attwell Baker to the FCC. Both women were given the thumbs-up last week by the Senate Commerce Committee but were waiting on the rest of the legislative body to conduct a confirmation vote. Clyburn, a Democrat, and Baker, a Republican, are expected to […]

FCC: Clyburn, Attwell Baker Likely to Join Next Week

The Senate next week will vote whether to confirm Mignon Clyburn and Meredith Attwell Baker to the FCC. Clyburn, a Democrat who would replace Jonathan Adelstein, and Attwell Baker, a Republican who would fill Debi Tate’s seat, went through their nomination hearings on Wednesday before the Senate Commerce Committee. Each said they support competitive principles. […]

Genachowski Wont Get FCC Confirmation Hearing May 12

You’ve got to hand it to Julius Genachowski – the man has probably developed reservoirs of patience since being nominated as the new FCC chairman. Genachowski has been waiting since early March for his Senate confirmation hearing, and probably got his hopes up quite high yesterday when he learned that the hearing finally was scheduled […]

Clyburn Presumed Next Dem at FCC

President Barack Obama at last has named a candidate to fill one of three vacancies at the FCC. Making good on rumor, Obama said Wednesday he will nominate Mignon Clyburn as a Democratic commissioner. Ms. Clyburn is the eldest daughter of House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., who was considered a key Obama ally during […]

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